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If you’re like many other talented, aspiring writers, you probably dream of seeing your name on the cover of a book someday. But getting an agent is expensive, and writing pitch after pitch can become disheartening very quickly. The community at LCG Publishing, an innovative publishing company based in Brooklyn, NY, is changing the way books are made. They can help you get your words on the page and your books on shelves.

The founder of LCG Publishing, Latrice C. Goss, started her cutting-edge publishing company as a way to support writers and foster creativity and collaboration between artists. As an artist and poet herself, Goss has successfully created a self-publishing community that promotes up-and-coming artists from all walks of life. By giving the power to publish to the artists, where it belongs, LCG Publishing widens the reach of the aspiring writer by making self-publishing easy and economical.

Whether you’ve penned the next great American novel, created an anthology of short stories, or compiled a sampling of poetry, the team at LCG Publishing can help you create a polished final product. From professional editing services to copyright registration and ISBN assignment, LCG Publishing, will aid you in your process every step of the way. The publishing company even offers in-house custom cover design, press release writing, and distribution services, so you can get your work into the right booksellers’ hands.

To learn more about collaborating with LCG Publishing, visit this unique publishing group online or call them directly at (917) 838-5948. 

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