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Rabun ABC Package Store

Rabun ABC Package Store

97 Hwy 441
Clayton, GA 30525
(706) 782-6937
Rabun ABC Package Store, Liquor Store, Restaurants and Food, Clayton, Georgia

Rabun ABC Package Store is the premier wine and spirits shop in Clayton, GA. Featuring a wide variety of specialty beer and the area's largest selection of wine and liquor, this alcohol store is committed to helping you find exactly what you need for your backyard barbecue, dinner party, or wedding day alike. It doesn't matter whether you want to stick to your stand-by or venture out of your comfort zone; Rabun ABC Package Store is your one-stop-shop for alcohol in North Georgia.

Macintosh HD:private:var:folders:20:jfqsj0q56tn4n48k3vp4rnbc0000gn:T:TemporaryItems:c1-500x333.jpgBrowse the shelves at Rabun ABC Package Store, and expect to find the largest wine selection in the Northeast Georgia community. With local varieties and imported bottles always in stock, their sommeliers will help you select the perfect bottle for your special event or dinner party. If you'd rather have brews, their craft beer shop has everything from domestic favorites to rare imports. And for all of you liquor fans out there, Rabun ABC Package Store has the largest liquor selection around, from scotch and tequila to whiskey and gin.

More than your average liquor shop, Rabun ABC Package Store has a reputation all over Northeast Georgia for their incredible selection of wine and spirits, along with their carefully curated specialty beer selection. Their alcohol store was voted for the Readers Choice Award Clayton Tribune in 2015 for providing the community with an exceptional variety of booze, paired with outstanding customer service and affordable prices. In fact, Rabun ABC Package Store helps you save on your purchases by offering discounts on alcohol bought by the case, not to mention an additional military discount for those currently serving our country.

If you live in Clayton, Toccoa, Hiawassee, or anywhere in between, contact Rabun ABC Package Store today by calling (706) 782-6937, or visit the wine store online for additional information.

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