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Mutual Underwriters - Waipahu

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In today’s world, accidents happen— make sure you’re covered for any theft or injury with the right insurance policy from Mutual Underwriters. With five locations throughout Hawaii, Mutual Underwriters is a full-service agency that offers almost any type of insurance you may need to get through life’s headaches. Accidents don’t take days off; let these professional, caring insurance agents find you a policy that will protect what you need covered, from homeowners’ insurance to automobile coverage.

It’s hard to find an insurance company you can trust— a business that’s more focused on their customers than on their bottom line. Since 1958, Mutual Underwriters has been providing the residents of Hawaii with insurance plans they can rely on and service that focuses on customer satisfaction every time. Over the years, they’ve expanded their business to include additional policies that allow for more personalized coverage. Mutual Underwriters prides themselves on their use of modern technology to expedite record access and provide quicker, more efficient insurance aid to their clients. They offer an array of different policies both for residents and businesses, including but not limited to renters’ insurance, life insurance, boat insurance, liability insurance and business insurance.

Don’t remain vulnerable to accidents, theft or injury. Contact the helpful professionals at Mutual Underwriters to set up an insurance policy today. With locations in Honolulu, Waipahu, Maui, Kona, and Hilo, they are ready and available to help you find insurance coverage for your unique and busy life. For more information about their variety of services, call (808) 532-2888 or visit their website today.

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