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At Visiting Angels – Cincinnati, the senior home care experts are on your schedule. The assisted living professionals exist to make your loved one’s independent living as comfortable, easy, and achievable as possible. You dictate your own schedule—all meal times, bathing schedules, naps, and more are up to you—and the helpful team of home caregivers will adjust to you!

Truly senior home care at its absolute finest, the Visiting Angels program is customized to meet the needs of each client. No two people are alike, and therefore, no two people require the same, rigid assisted living program. At Visiting Angels, your home care system is flexible, and is able to change as different needs arise.

In addition, each Visiting Angels location is bonded, licensed, and insured. All senior caregivers are carefully screened, and patients and families are matched with the ideal in home assistant for them.

To learn more about how you can hire the best assisted living, respite care, dementia and in-home care in Western Cincinnati, contact a member of the Visiting Angels team today. They’ll put you in touch with the ideal candidate, so your friend, family member, or other loved one can continue his or her independent living plan with success. For additional information on local resources, caregivers, and working with Alzheimer’s, visit the service online, and call (513) 598-6770 to speak with someone at Visiting Angels - Cincinnati directly.

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As the most detrimental memory loss disease, Alzheimer’s is also the most studied in medical and health fields. With exceptional service, Visiting Angels in Cincinnati, OH more
Scammers frequently target seniors due to their perceived vulnerability and because they tend to have more money in their bank accounts than younger individuals. Unfortunately, this more
While a healthy diet should be a constant throughout life, dietary needs change with age. Nutrition is an essential part of proper elderly care, as it can boost energy and improve more
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Visiting Angels in Cincinnati, OH provides caregivers who assist elderly individuals with everyday activities, including grocery shopping and meal planning. They're aware of the more
As the most detrimental memory loss disease, Alzheimer’s disease is also one of the most studied in medical and health fields. Visiting Angels in Cincinnati, OH provides more
The summer heat and humidity can be especially dangerous for people over the age of 65. The team of assisted living caregivers at Visiting Angels in Cincinnati, OH want you to more
For the 'Sandwich Generation'—a group of thirty- to fortysomethings that are raising children and tending to aging parents—the balancing act between your kids and parents can cause more
June is Men’s Health Month, which aims to raise awareness over preventable health problems and early detection in boys and men. Visiting Angels - Cincinnati believes in the more
May is National Garden Month, something the caregivers at Visiting Angels Cincinnati are celebrating with gusto. This mentally, physically, and emotionally-stimulating activity more
This month, Visiting Angels West Cincinnati owner and director Michael Schroth, MSW celebrates his sixth anniversary with the elderly care service. His Visiting Angels location more
March is National Social Work month, and Visiting Angels in Cincinnati would like to give a wholehearted “thank you” to the social workers who give their all to help people more
Exercising and staying in shape will provide both a fun and beneficial activity for your elderly loved one. Throughout the months of February and March, Visiting Angels in more
It's natural to need assistance with certain things as you age, but that doesn't mean you have to lose your independence too. Nursing homes, or assisted living facilities, aren't more
Aging not only affects the body, but also the mind. Visiting Angels - Cincinnati wants to help you stay sharp as a tack as you age with some easy tips you can start doing now. more
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As the weather gets colder and more extreme, senior citizens are more likely to have accidents and fall. It’s an extremely important issue to be aware of; in fact, among people aged more
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