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A1 Fire Protection LLC

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A1 Fire Protection LLC, Fire Suppression, Family and Kids, Olive Branch, Mississippi

A-1 Fire Protection is Olive Branch, Mississippi's most established name in full-service fire protection. Serving the tristate area since 1986, their technicians boast years of experience while maintaining up-to-date training to help local businesses and residents stay safe from fire hazards and fire itself. With a wide range of services to offer, A-1 Fire Protection can keep you and your family or business safe, providing you with unparalleled protection. 

A-1 Fire Protection's comprehensive fire protection services include:

  • http://slideshow.hibustudio.com/sliders/2015/9/560edbb6e4b03e38b16d20fc/2.2015_275_19_32_7.jpgFire Extinguishers: A-1 Fire Protection will perform annual maintenance, service, and keep detailed records of your fire extinguishers, ensuring they are in working condition year after year.
  • Inspections: Their technicians will perform a variety of monthly or regularly scheduled inspections of your property, including your home, office, commercial retail space, restaurant, or anywhere that requires protection from a potential fire.
  • Fire Training: A-1 Fire Protection's expert technicians will provide your employees with classroom and hands-on fire training to help prevent fire emergencies and prepare everyone in your office. The training meets all OSHA compliance requirements.
  • Fire Alarms: Is your property in need of a fire alarm? A-1 Fire Protection offers only the best from Fire Lite. There are a variety of fire alarm options to help with your needs and budget, and will ensure the safety of your business or home.

http://slideshow.hibustudio.com/sliders/2015/9/560edbb6e4b03e38b16d20fc/3.2015_275_19_32_10.jpgIn addition to the above, Olive Branch's fire experts also provide low-pressure hydro testing, site analysis, exit lights, emergency light inspections, installations, and repairs, OSHA compliant first aid kits, fire related protection equipment, and more. Whatever your fire protection needs, A-1 Fire Protection is the place to call.

All of their services are guaranteed, and they offer free estimates to make sure you know exactly what you're receiving. To find out more about the extensive products and services A-1 Fire Protection provides, call (662) 895-2177. You can also visit them online to see a full list of services.

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