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Gary Duncan Service Company

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Gary Duncan Service Company, Heating & Air, Services, Olive Branch, Mississippi

For nearly 40 years, northern Mississippi homeowners have relied on Gary Duncan Service Company to meet all of their heating and air conditioning needs. Located in Olive Branch, their highly trained, Trane-certified technicians offer a comprehensive collection of HVAC repair and maintenance services to keep your home comfortable all year long. With a reputation for achieving outstanding results and an unmatched commitment to providing affordable services, Gary Duncan Service Company is the only HVAC contractor you need.

The experts at this locally-owned company have the skills and equipment to handle almost any heating and air conditioning need, including:

  • New Equipment Sales & Installation
  • Seasonal Equipment Inspections & Maintenance
  • HVAC System Repairs
  • Gas Or Electric Heat Systems

Whether you're looking for new air conditioning installation or furnace repair, you’ll receive quality products and thorough attention to detail from Gary Duncan Service Company. Their team of technicians take into account everything from the direction of the sun to the orientation and size of your home to the efficiency of your ductwork, providing you with personalized results guaranteed to last. You'll always receive workmanship performed to the highest standards in the industry, with 100% customer satisfaction.

From heating maintenance to AC repair, the friendly team at Gary Duncan Service Company understands how important an efficient HVAC system is for the comfort of your home. Visit this Olive Branch company online to learn more about their range of services, or call (662) 895-2023 to schedule a quote today.

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