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Since 1972, ASP Security Systems has been providing Connecticut and Western Rhode Island with top-quality security equipment that is specially designed to protect your home, vehicle, or business. This family owned and operated business is conveniently located in Waterford, CT and is licensed to install and inspect fire safety and surveillance systems in both Connecticut and Rhode Island. No matter what type of equipment you need, you can count on the knowledgeable and extensively trained staff at ASP Security Systems to find the perfect solution.

Residential and commercial customers can both benefit from ASP Security Systems’ easy to use electronic burglar alarms as well as 24-hour alarm monitoring services. For added protection, ASP Security Systems also provides surveillance cameras and CCTV equipment with important, built-in features including high definition picture quality, the ability to record in complete darkness, and weatherproofing for outdoor equipment. These cameras are an ideal security solution for high traffic areas such as stores, parking lots, and industrial facilities, but a system can also be designed to suit a residential installation.

ASP Security Systems’ GPS tracking systems provide valuable information for both personal users and commercial customers. Families who use a GPS tracking system in their vehicles can rest assured that their loved ones are driving safely and that their vehicle can be recovered in the event of a theft. Commercial customers who choose to install GPS tracking in an entire fleet can use the data to monitor fuel usage, vehicle maintenance needs, and driver productivity. These uses not only offer peace of mind, they can even help your company save money.

Visit ASP Security Systems online to learn more about their full range of products and services, including environmental monitoring to protect your family and employees against dangerous water or gas leaks, fire alarm installation and inspections, and access control systems to protect valuable possessions and data. Call (860) 442-2016 to discuss your security needs with the staff and schedule a consultation.

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