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Centers for Foot & Ankle Care

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Centers for Foot & Ankle Care, Podiatrists, Health and Beauty, Cincinnati, Ohio

The caring and professional team at Centers for Foot & Ankle Care provide residents with a comfortable setting, state-of-the-art technology, and experienced doctors to help them manage all of their foot and ankle health needs. Centers for Foot & Ankle Care provides patients with specific care that they can’t find at their regular doctor’s office. From tendonitis to diabetic foot care, Centers for Foot & Ankle Care is capable of bringing you the relief and healing that you need.

From the moment that you walk through their doors, you will be greeted by a staff that truly cares about your well-being. An experienced podiatrist will work with you to find the root of your foot pain and create a personalized treatment plan designed to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. They offer several foot and ankle care services including:

  • Foot Surgery
  • Athletic Injury Treatment
  • Comprehensive Wound Care
  • Pediatric Foot & Ankle Care
  • Diabetic Shoes & Insoles

Every podiatrist at Centers for Foot & Ankle Care has completed extensive clinical experience and is board certified, so that you can feel secure knowing that you’re receiving the best possible care. Centers for Foot & Ankle Care can help with all of your foot and ankle care needs, so visit their website to find the location nearest you. 

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Your feet carry you everywhere you need to go, but you might not think much about them until they begin to cause you discomfort. Foot pain affects nearly eight out of 10 Americans, more
An ankle sprain is a common injury and can occur during rigorous activity or casual movement. Though it may seem minor, the caring staff at the Centers for Foot & Ankle Care more
Your shoes provide essential support for your feet and ankles. That’s why the podiatrists at Centers for Foot & Ankle Care recommend making sure yours fit perfectly. While it more
To ensure your infant’s feet aren’t stressed, it’s important for them to wear shoes that fit. The problem is, an infant can’t tell you if their shoes are too tight or loose. more
No one likes the feeling of cracked, dry heels. Since the bottoms of the feet don’t have oil glands, the skin is naturally rougher than other parts of the body. For many people, the more
Wearing high heels or uncomfortable shoes has almost become a norm for women. Whether it’s necessary for the office or you like to have them in your wardrobe, they can be causing a more
There is more to do than putting on a coat, hat, and a pair of gloves when shielding your body from winter’s effects. An experienced podiatrist at Centers for Foot & Ankle Care more
Toes may be small body parts, but they can have a significant impact on your comfort if not positioned correctly. Over time, misaligned toes can make walking painful and the more
Foot pain might be a symptom of a minor problem, but it can have a major impact on all aspects of your life. Chronic pain is often debilitating, and acute pain might not dissipate more
Caused by excessive plaque and cholesterol in arteries, peripheral arterial disease (PAD) can be uncomfortable and increase the risk for other health problems when left untreated. more
Your circulatory system is made up of a series of veins and arteries which help carry blood throughout your body. When functioning properly, your circulatory system—also known as more
If you experience foot pain or dysfunction, you know how much the condition affects your daily life. To help you move better and reduce discomfort, your podiatrist more
For people of all ages, walking is a great way to stay fit. However, heel pain can greatly diminish the joy of walking, which is why determining the underlying cause is so more
Youth fall sports leagues are an excellent way to help your kids socialize, learn a new activity, and strengthen their bodies. However, if poor technique is used or overexertion more
If you have an increase in foot pain or difficulty walking for long periods of time, you might be living with adult flatfoot. This condition is similar to cases of more
Charcot joint disease, also known as neuroarthropathy, is a progressive condition that affects the foot and ankle, causing bone destruction and deformity. If you or someone you know more
When people hear the term “fracture,” they usually think of situations when an entire bone breaks—such as after a traumatic injury. However, as the Centers for Foot and Ankle Care more
Whether you enjoy jogging or your job requires you to be standing all day, you must be mindful of the pressure you’re putting on your feet to ensure your health and ability to move. more
Hallux limitus is the medical term for a condition that causes loss of motion in the big toe joint. If left untreated, it can cause a variety of long-term damage such as eroded more
Diabetes is a serious disease that occurs when the body is unable to properly process glucose, causing blood sugar levels to raise. If your glucose level is not properly controlled, more
Whether you’re walking, running, or cycling, your feet take you where you need to go. As your main mode of transportation, foot protection is essential to ensure maximum comfort and more
Enchondroma is a term used by podiatrists and other doctors to describe a benign tumor that forms on the cartilage found within bones. This is the most common type of bone tumor more
If you’ve noticed a bony bump at the base of your big toes, you may be suffering from bunions. Typically caused by arthritis, genetic defects, or foot stress, this condition more
Many people have friends or coworkers who are required to wear a supportive wrist brace due to carpal tunnel syndrome. However, have you ever heard of its foot counterpart, tarsal more
Ankle injuries are separated into three basic categories: ankle sprains, strains, and fractures. A foot specialist determines what a patient is suffering from by identifying more
While running is a fantastic way to stay fit, injuries can and will happen. Runner’s ankle sprain is just a possible injury that can occur, and getting the right treatment is more
While the muscles in the backs of your legs may not seem important, stretching your calves offers many benefits, such as protecting you from injury. Before you think to skip your more
If you’re an athlete, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced your fair share of sports injuries and foot pain. Perhaps one of the most common, as explained by the foot specialists more
Adult flatfoot refers to feet that have fallen arches when pointed forward. While this condition isn’t serious, it can cause pain and discomfort, especially when standing for more
Plantar warts are caused by a viral infection in the skin on the bottom of the foot. Fortunately, they can be diagnosed and treated by a podiatrist. If you suspect you have a wart, more
If you are an athlete in a running-intensive sport, you have most likely suffered from a fair share of foot injuries. Plantar fasciitis is the most common source of heel pain and more
Everyone is at risk for an ankle sprain; just the wrong step is all it takes to put your ankle out of commission for weeks. Athletes are at a particularly high risk, as it is one of more
Hallux limitus is a common foot injury that leads to loss of motion in your big toe. It’s normal for patients who suffer from this condition to experience stiffness in their bunion more
The Achilles is the thickest and strongest tendon in your entire body, connecting the calf muscle to the back of your heel. Injuries such as Achilles tendonitis are not only painful, more
Any ailment of the foot or ankle can cause a multitude of painful symptoms. Additionally, these conditions can also lead to other issues, such as irregular gait and hip or knee more
You depend on your feet to take you everywhere you need to go. If you’re preparing for ankle or foot surgery, the idea of not being able to walk—even temporarily—can feel like a big more
Bunions are one of the most common foot disorders in the United States. Nearly one out of three adults have bunions, so, if you think you have this deformity, you are not alone. If more
If you’ve been experiencing foot pain, you may have a metatarsal stress fracture. This occurs when repeated stress is placed on the ball of the foot. Eventually, a hairline fracture more
There’s a specialty for just about everything, and, when it comes to your foot and ankle care, a podiatrist is the right choice. Whether you are having ankle pain or need foot more
Hammertoe is a condition in the toe or other digits that causes the middle joint to bend, locking it in that position. This occurs through a muscle and ligament imbalance. While the more
Undergoing corrective ankle or foot surgery is a major decision. Whether to address foot pain, an ankle fracture, bunions, or a diabetes-related condition, a little preparation will more
Sesamoiditis is a condition that defines stress or injury to the sesamoids, a typically small bone that plays a major role in mobility and flexibility. The condition can result in more
If you experience pain behind the ankle or near the heel, you may be exhibiting signs of Achilles tendonitis. Although this ailment is common among people who lead an active more
Posterior tibial tendonitis is a painful condition characterized by inflammation of the tendon running between the bones on the inside of the foot and the calf muscle. Symptoms more
When the weather warms up, you can put those winter boots in storage and let your feet breathe in lighter summer shoes. The hotter months may be a relief, but they also pose unique more
From professional runners to occasional gym-goers, many people have received mixed information when it comes to stretching. While some claim that stretching harms the body, others more
Choosing a running shoe takes time and consideration. From the material that’s used to cover the foot to the elements that provide proper support, there are a number of factors that more
Diabetic neuropathy is a general term for nerve damage that individuals with diabetes may experience. Without the help of insulin and other medications, people with diabetes may more
Some of the most common foot and ankle injuries and conditions can be traced back to the tendons and ligaments. While the foot specialists at Centers for Foot & Ankle Care more
Plantar fasciitis is a condition that causes moderate to severe foot pain. People who suffer from this issue often experience tenderness and discomfort in the heels and soles more
When you suffer from foot pain, even getting out of bed or walking down the street can be excruciating. If you’re one of the many people who experience foot aches, pains, and more
If you suffer from frequent foot or heel pain, then heel spurs might be the culprit. Heel spurs are calcium deposits on the heel bone that form as sharp, bony protrusions. more
Foot pain caused by bumps on the bottom of your feet can severely interfere with your everyday life. It can become a struggle to simply get through work when each step causes a more
If you notice one or more small growths on the sole of your foot, you may be experiencing plantar warts. They’re noncancerous and do not pose a risk to your health, but they can be more
Toe cramps can be an incredibly unpleasant experience, especially when they wake you up in the middle of the night. Although the podiatrists at Centers for Foot & Ankle Care more
Weak ankles cause instability in the feet and puts you at greater risk of a more serious injury, such as a rolled, sprained, or broken ankle. To avoid worsening the condition, more
Pregnancy may give some women a certain glow, but it also causes foot pain that makes normal activities such as getting out of bed and putting on shoes difficult. Don’t let this put more
Tingling sensations or numbness in feet can impact mobility and harm your quality of life. Beyond trauma, the professionals at Centers for Foot & Ankle Care know discomfort more
If left unaddressed, foot pain can become a major hurdle for women to keep up with their busy lifestyles. With help from Centers for Foot & Ankle Care, you can learn about more
If you’re living with diabetes, it’s vital that foot care starts long before your next podiatrist appointment. For diabetics, common foot and ankle problems can often lead to more
Tendonitis is a condition in which the tendons—the tissues which connect bone to muscle—become inflamed as the result of overuse, injury, or infection. Certain body parts are so more
Your feet work hard every day as you walk the pavement and go about your routine. While it’s easy to forget about your feet when they’re hidden away in socks and shoes, more
Many doctors and foot specialists go to great lengths to maintain a pleasant environment, but that doesn’t stop some patients from avoiding them all together. The fact is more
A sharp, shooting pain in the joints, especially at the base of the big toe, may be a sign that you have gout. This pain may be so severe that it startles people out of sleep or more
A bone spur is a calcium deposit that can occur in a variety of areas, including the knees, shoulders, and heels. When one develops on your foot—also known as heel spur syndrome—the more
Arch and foot pain is unpleasant and, in severe cases, can be debilitating, slowing you down and making it difficult to get around. Arch pain is often caused by some underlying more
If you want to prevent foot pain, then ensuring that your feet stay healthy should be a vital part of your routine. Not only will you feel more comfortable during daily activity, more
If you’ve been having trouble walking and suspect there might be something wrong, you might want to figure out if you suffer from hammer toe. Identifying and treating hammer more
Heel pain, is a common condition for runners or athletes. While it won’t cause any permanent damage, it’s important to be aware of the symptoms and treatments, to avoid overtraining more
How many times have you bought a stylish pair of shoes, only to regret your purchase due to foot pain? The podiatrists at Centers for Foot & Ankle Care warn that more
Whether it’s due to an injury or wearing uncomfortable shoes, heel pain can be difficult to live with. In addition to icing the afflicted area and putting off activities that may more
Your feet carry you through every day—but despite the burden they support, they probably aren’t at the top of your self-care list. Anyone who wants smooth feet needs to put in more
Sandal weather may be long gone, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to neglect your feet. The foot specialists at Centers for Foot & Ankle Care are available all year long to more
Your feet are often neglected, but, like the rest of your body, they require constant care and attention. If you ask a podiatrist, you can get some useful tips on how to more
Pain, swelling, and tenderness often accompany an ingrown toenail. If untreated, this common condition may lead to a serious infection. If you’re suffering from an ingrown toenail, more
We often take our feet for granted, but did you know harmful nail fungus can develop if we don’t take care of them properly? Fungi can easily develop wherever it’s warm and moist — more
Your plantar fascia is a ligament extending from your heel to the front of your foot. For millions of Americans, this ligament is the cause of serious heel pain. Activities like more
Heel pain can be stubborn and excruciating. Once pain sets in, it’s important to see a podiatrist as soon as possible to address the issue and begin a course of treatment. The more
Ingrown toenails aren’t just painful — they can be unsightly and make it difficult to wear your favorite pair of shoes. If you’ve been dealing with an ingrown toenail that won’t go more
Bunions are defined as bumps comprised of bone and soft tissue that form on the base of big toes. Bunions usually develop when a person consistently wears shoes that are too narrow more
If you suffer from tendonitis or plantar fasciitis, you’re familiar with the discomfort of these conditions. At the Centers for Foot & Ankle Care, their main focus is curing more
Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of pain in the heel. It typically afflicts runners, but it can be experienced by non-athletes as well. When you put excessive tension on more
If you have a bone protruding from your big toe joint, you have what’s called a bunion. Often, this bony deformity leads to severe pain and discomfort, prompting people to more
A foot specialist can tell you everything you need to know when it comes to keeping feet happy and healthy. At the Centers for Foot & Ankle Care, they have the expert insight more
When your feet hurt, every step is a challenge. Whether it comes on suddenly or increases slowly over time, heel pain is a sign that something isn’t right in your body. If this more
Plantar warts are a common, non-threatening skin condition affecting the sole of the foot. These warts can appear as hard, grainy growths on the heels and ball of the foot, or more
At some point in time, you may require a new general doctor or a specialist like a podiatrist. A podiatrist provides medical care for people with foot, ankle, and lower leg problems, more
Whether you’re an avid athlete or you spend a lot of time on your feet for work, it’s easy to develop common foot issues such as blisters and bunions. The professional team at the more
Foot pain is a common occurrence for most people at one point or another. But do you know when this pain signals it might be time to visit a podiatrist? At the Centers for Foot & more
A sudden, acute injury or illness that poses an immediate risk to someone’s life or long-term health is a serious medical emergency. Knowing how to aid others in these types of more
Tendonitis is a common, often painful foot condition. From skiing to gardening, there is a range of everyday activities that may provoke the issue. Fortunately, if you more
Flip-flops are a common shoe choice during the warmer months when the last thing people want to wear is a pair of hot, confining socks and sneakers. However, many people are now more
When you have an ankle sprain, foot pain, or other foot-related issues, it can be confusing to know which foot specialist to go to with the problem: should you see an more
If you’ve ever suffered an ankle sprain, you know these injuries can be painful and even temporarily debilitating. Yet, by taking the proper steps to care for a sprained ankle, more
The heel bone is the largest of all 26 bones in your foot, which also consists of 33 joints, 107 ligaments, and 19 muscles. An injury or overuse of the heel can cause mild to more
If you have bony deformities protruding from your big toes, you might be one of millions of Americans with bunions. If these bumps are painful and troublesome, you could be a more
At the Centers for Foot & Ankle Care, the podiatrists treat all foot and ankle disorders, including those that arise from diabetes. If you have this health condition, it is more
After undergoing a foot surgery, it’s crucial to maintain a non-weight bearing status until the foot heals. There are often screws, plates, and bones that won’t heal properly if put more
Ankle injuries are incredibly common, and people suffer from them multiple times throughout their life. The majority of these injuries are either ankle sprains or fractures, also more
When you exercise, you are probably so focused on toning and increasing muscle strength that you overlook your feet. According to the podiatrists at the Centers for Foot & Ankle more
Foot health can play a massive — and often overlooked — role in your overall health. For people with hammer toe, they may not even realize the early symptoms, and later come to more
Neuromas, also called Morton’s neuromas, are painful conditions that cause discomfort to the ball of the feet. Pain is felt most commonly between the third and fourth toes, and more
Foot pain can cause discomfort with every step you take. The Centers for Foot & Ankle Care is home to podiatrists who can assist with everything from tendonitis to ankle more
Due to physical and lifestyle differences, men and women can experience very different types of foot pain and injuries. According to the Centers for Foot & Ankle Care, men are more
If you’re suffering from pain, burning, or tingling between your toes while walking, you may have a neuroma. While the condition’s exact cause is unknown, thankfully there are more
Anybody can get warts, but kids tend to get them more often than adults do. Since warts love warm, moist areas — like swimming pools and locker rooms — the prime time for kids to more
A hammertoe is a deformity that can be both unsightly and painful. If left unattended, it can also cause serious problems — so it’s important to see a podiatrist as soon as possible more
If you’re a diabetic patient, you know the condition does more than just affect your blood sugar and insulin levels. Diabetes can affect various parts of the body, but one area in more
If you have stiff, swollen, or tender feet, it may be time to see a podiatrist. These symptoms often manifest in the feet due to arthritis, which requires the specialized expertise more
At the Centers for Foot & Ankle Care, they specialize in helping patients with foot and heel pain. Known as the best foot specialists in the area, their 19 facilities focus more
Not all foot problems go away on their own or with a few cold compress applications. Some foot pain requires a visit to the podiatrist to avoid more painful and costly issues in the more
You’re not sure how or when it happened, but you’ve noticed a lump on your foot, and it’s making you uncomfortable. What caused it? Is it dangerous? Can it be treated? The more
Have you been experiencing mild or severe foot pain lately? If so, it's possible you have experienced some trauma, or even a fracture. The staff at the Centers for Foot & more
Sore feet can ruin any day, but when inflammation becomes severe and full blown tendonitis develops, a common malady can become a serious medical concern. Tendonitis in the feet and more
Ingrown toenails and toenail fungus are two common foot conditions that can happen to everyone, regardless of gender or age. The podiatrists at the Centers for Foot & Ankle more
Your feet are crucial to your health and well-being, but you may not think about them until you experience some kind of foot pain. When you do, it might be difficult to wear your more