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Ever since she was eight months old, Maya Rose has been struggling with the restraints of a chronic disease. Today, Maya is a cute and much-loved eight-year-old girl, but, sadly, her life is anything but average for a child in New York City. Unlike most other girls her age, Maya struggles with tasks like moving on her own and communicating, and her child development trajectory is much different from her peers. In fact, Maya has never walked or spoken. But unlike other young children dealing with a chronic disease, there isn’t a name yet for what Maya struggles with. The Maya Rose Project aims to change that.

As a single parent and Maya’s primary caregiver, her father, Alex Dwek, has been by Maya’s side her entire life. Together, the two have visited every type of specialist imaginable in the New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia area. But while New York City has some of the best doctors in the world, no one has been able to discover which chronic disease Maya suffers from.

Since child development is already a precarious balancing act, a child with an unknown illness has insurmountable obstacles on their path to a “normal” life. The Maya Rose Project aims to help Alex and Maya find out which unknown illness plagues the young girl, but their research and quest could help uncover answers that every family struggling with an undiagnosed chronic disease can benefit from.

To learn more about the Maya Rose Project and how you can help Maya pursue a diagnosis and eventual cure for her unknown illness, visit the project's website. You can contact Alex and Maya directly at (732) 672-4660 to get involved with finding a cure for Maya’s mysterious chronic disease. 

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