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When you do not have access to a municipal water supply, the best alternative is often to drill a water well and install an on-site pump system. Lewis Drilling is a trusted residential well drilling and water well maintenance company in Lexington, KY. The highly trained experts have the experience and expertise to make your private water well installation effortless, efficient, and affordable.

Lewis Drilling offers a variety of well services, including the following:

  • Site Analysis & Planning: First, their experts will do well surveying and a full analysis of the site's geology using relevant public and private data to determine the best location for your well. Next, they’ll develop a drilling plan that meets regulations and adheres to best practices.
  • Drilling: As water resources become more and more scarce, Lewis Drilling constantly innovates and develops new ways of drilling to get water out of the ground.
  • Pump Installation: Pumps for water wells are essential to the water well system. The knowledgeable technicians at Lewis Drilling will help you choose a pump that meets your water extraction needs, and then install it with the rest of your well system quickly and efficiently.
  • Water Well Maintenance: Your well and pump system require regular maintenance to keep operating smoothly. All of Lewis Drilling's contracts include service and maintenance for up to one year.

Founded in 1976, this family owned company brings an old-fashioned "can do" attitude to a highly technical industry. For the highest quality customer service along with cutting edge well drilling equipment and the latest in extraction and water well maintenance techniques, contact Lewis Drilling for all your well needs.

Servicing the Lexington, KY area, Lewis Drilling offers water well drilling for residents and businesses, including farm stock wells and geothermal wells. Visit their website to see a full list of services or call (859) 333-1200 to speak to a friendly representative.

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