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New York Golf Center

New York Golf Center

131 W 35th St
New York, NY 10001
(212) 564-2255
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New York Golf Center is your one-stop-shop for golf equipment in NYC. With two convenient locations in Manhattan, this internationally renowned golf store has everything you need to play the game, from golf clubs and balls to golf apparel and bags. Featuring an extensive inventory of high-quality goods and a knowledgeable staff to help you find exactly what you're looking for, New York Golf Center is every golfer's dream store.

New York Golf Center has repeatedly won awards from both Golf World and Golf Digest, two of the most important publications in the sporting industry. This golf center offers a complete golf shopping experience, from high-performance golf equipment to comprehensive custom fittings. From first-time golfers to seasoned pros, their knowledgeable staff will provide every golfer with the equipment and accessories to meet their needs.

Browse the shelves at New York Golf Center to find the best golf clubs on the market, made by the industry's leading brands. Whether you just need to pick up golf balls on your way to the course or outfit you and your friends for a day on the greens, drop by this golf store to see their impressive inventory. Choose from over 130 different types of golf shoes, try on a variety of quality golf apparel, or pick up a new iron set. Most importantly, take advantage of their expert custom golf club fittings for the best, most personalized golf clubs in New York.

Visit the golf lover’s dream store to see why they're the premier purveyor of golf equipment in New York. To find out more about New York Golf Center, call their Grand Central store at (212) 564-0078, Herald Square at (212) 564-2255, or Chelsea Piers at (212) 242-8899. To view their inventory and daily deals, go online and see photos, news updates, and more.

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The top golf outfitter in the New York City, New York Golf Center, has everything both skilled and new players need to reach the top of their games. At this golf store, you’ll find more
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Spring is here and so is the golf season.  New York Golf Center carries the largest selection of golf apparel in Manhattan and now all the latest spring apparel is on sale for more
Is your golf bag old and tattered? The golf season is starting and now you can get a new golf bag at New York Golf Center and save. We have a large selection of bags from Ping, more
Hit the fairway this spring with the latest in golfing attire and clubs. Before the golfing season truly gets underway, visit New York Golf Center where you can select new golf more
The season has arrived and now it's time to look your best on the course.  New York Golf Center has a full line of golf apparel from Nike, Adidas, RLX, Puma, J.Lindeberg, Under more
It looks like it may be cold this weekend so here's your chance to get some gear to keep you warm and dry plus save a little money.  New York Golf Center, New York City's more
New York Golf Center is dedicated to providing custom golf club fittings at the highest level and once again has been recognized by one of the industries best golf equipment more
Mention this weekly deal and get 25% off on Ecco golf shoes. Promo Sku# 3140New York Golf Center carries a full line of 2016 Ecco golf shoes and for a short time there is a deal. & more
Mention our weekly deal and get 10% off on all rangefinders and GPS units.  We stock Garmin, Bushnell, Leoupold and Golf Buddy. Promo Sku # 2846Manhattan more
Hurry, this deal only last for one day. Mention this promo and get 15% off all Golf Shoes.  SKU# 3120New York Golf CenterManhattan Locations:131 West 35th Street (Between more
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New York Golf Centers’ commitment to excellence has once again been recognized by a top brand or publication in the golf industry. PING has named New York Golf Centers to their Top more
Have you ever wondered if custom-fit golf clubs are right for you? Are you curious about the benefits custom golf clubs offer? New York Golf Center is a New York City golf more