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Dutch Oil Co., Inc.

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Dutch Oil Co., Inc., Heating and AC, Services, Moodus, Connecticut

Dutch Oil Co., Inc. in Middlesex County, Connecticut, is much more than your standard oil delivery company. As a truly local, family-owned business, they are fully committed to helping residents throughout central Connecticut keep their homes comfortable all year long. Whether you need air conditioning service in the summer or heating oil delivery in the winter, their highly trained technicians will take care of anything you need.

At Dutch Oil Co., Inc., they pride themselves on having a comprehensive, unique range of services, including:

  • Oil & Propane Delivery: With automatic deliveries, easy online payments, and some of the lowest prices in Middlesex County, this local business will ensure you have heat all winter long.
  • A/C & Heating Equipment Installation: When your furnace, air conditioner, or water heater goes out, turn to their team of experts for high-quality equipment from some of the most reliable manufacturers in the business. With their help, you can see an immediate reduction in your utility bills and enjoy more efficient, safer equipment.
  • A/C & Heating Repair: If your systems aren't running as efficiently as they could, or if something breaks down, their technicians have the experience and expertise to restore comfort to you home—which can be a matter of life or death in Connecticut's cold winters.

In addition to a long list of heating and cooling services, Dutch Oil Co., Inc. offers some of the friendliest, most responsive services in the business. They understand how important a comfortable home is, and they do everything they can to take care of their neighbors. Visit their website to learn more about oil deliveries in Middlesex County and other A/C and heating services, or just call (860) 873-3876 to request a quote today.

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When Bruce and Frances Dutch established their heating oil and propane delivery company, Dutch Oil Co., in 1997, they never anticipated that their family business would become the more
Dutch Oil Co. provides residents of Moodus, CT, with exceptional oil delivery and propane delivery when they need it most. In addition to their heating services, the family-owned more
If you live in a place notorious for its cold winters—like Moodus, CT—having a freeze alarm can provide you with peace of mind against a heating service emergency. Dutch Oil Co.—an more
If you want to guarantee your home stays warm all winter long, Dutch Oil Co. in Moodus, CT, recommends finding ways to make your house more energy efficient and your heating more
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