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Individuals and businesses who need legal counsel on matters of real estate law and small business law turn to Herbert Law Firm in Gulf Shores, AL. A 1975 University of Alabama law school graduate, Attorney Jule Herbert worked in Washington D.C. before returning to Alabama in 1990. His firm focuses on representing the owners of rental condominiums in the resort community, and it has worked on environmental and condominium law matters as well as 1031 like-kind exchanges.

Real estate transfers, such as 1031 like-kind exchanges, vacation property exchanges, and reverse exchanges, enable property owners to defer tax consequences. But tax law and IRS regulation compliance takes careful planning and execution, and Herbert Law Firm has decades of experience structuring these types of exchanges. An experienced business lawyer, Attorney Herbert counsels and represents corporate and business organization clients in transactional, probate, and trust and estate matters. Herbert Law Firm's other real estate law services include residential and commercial closings.

Absentee owners of condominium units in vacation or resort properties need someone dependable to represent their interests in the area. As a knowledgeable real estate lawyer who lives in the community, Attorney Herbert’s legal services give absentee owners peace of mind. Herbert Law Firm is proactive on behalf of its clients, and works with other condominium owners and condo associations to address any issues that arise. These qualities distinguish Herbert Law Firm from its competitors.

When you need a real estate lawyer for a 1031 exchange or to answer a condominium law question, Herbert Law Firm in Gulf Shores, AL, is ready to serve you. Call (251) 968-4764 to schedule a consultation, or visit the real estate law firm’s website for more information. 

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