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Located in Chetek & Bruce, WI, Jiffy Biffy is the area’s most trusted portable toilet rental company, providing transportable toilets for a wide variety of businesses, construction sites, and events throughout Northwestern Wisconsin.

No matter what your restroom needs are, Jiffy Biffy is happy to help by providing portable toilet rentals. Regular, specialized, handicap-accessible units and handwashing stations are all available to keep your event sanitary and safe for everyone. In addition to providing the transportable toilets, Jiffy Biffy also provides the servicing, so you can enjoy your event while Jiffy Biffy takes care of the dirty work.

Dedicated to quality service, Jiffy Biffy provides transportable toilets to the following sites:

Event: Whether it’s a small family gathering or a large wedding party, Jiffy Biffy lets you enjoy your special event while they take care of the not-so-glamorous details — providing portable toilet services to the entire party. The Jiffy Biffy team will deliver a sanitized unit to your desired location, stock it with the necessities, and clean it up once the party’s over.

Construction: Jiffy Biffy provides portable toilet services for construction sites of all sizes. Whether you need service on a weekly or monthly basis, Jiffy Biffy aims to keep construction workers happy and keep the worksite sanitary for everyone involved in the project.

Seasonal: Need a porta-potty for a park or a golf course? No matter what length of time you need it for, Jiffy Biffy will provide a portable toilet rental solution. The team will work with you to ensure that you have the correct amount of temporary toilets to last you all season long.

For all of your portable toilet rental needs, be it for an ongoing construction project or a one-time event, located in Bruce and Chetek,WI’s Jiffy Biffy is happy to help. To learn more about their high-quality services, visit them online or call (715) 925-6600 to get your quote today! 

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