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It’s not unusual for trees to come down in winter or summer storms, but it can also mean a lot of tree maintenance. If it happens to your home or business, you need tree removal services quickly, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with Rochester, NY's very own Terry Tree Service. They have a wide range of expertise and have convenient, reliable 24-hour emergency service. Until the final frost has come and gone, keep Terry Tree Service’s contact information handy in case the notorious Rochester ice wreaks havoc on your trees.

Tree ServiceAside from their emergency tree services, Terry Tree Service specializes in tree stump removal, tree trimming, and land clearing. They have certified arborists on their team, so besides knowing the necessary techniques, they know the science behind trees and the issues they may have. It’s common in this area for trees to get infested with a number of damaging insects. If that's the case, call one of the experts at Terry Tree Service to see if the tree can be saved. In addition, they make high-quality mulch that will keep your landscaping healthy and beautiful all year-round.

When your home or business needs any type of specialized care, like stump removal, it can get ignored or made a last priority. Putting off tree care, however, can be damaging for your yard and dangerous for your family or customers. If you have a tree in need, contact Terry Tree Service to make an appointment or get a free estimate today. You won’t regret working with one of the most trusted names in the business. To reach them, call (585) 436-2900, or visit them online for more information about all of their other services. 

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