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MyCheck is a mobile payment application that allows you to conveniently pay and check out when you’re ready to leave a business establishment. No more waiting for the bill at a restaurant or bar. No need for the typical frustration involved with finding the waiter, asking for the check, handing over your credit/debit card, waiting for your card back and then having to sign the bill.

MyCheck provides convenience, because your time is valuable! Take away the hassles and the worries, and start spending your time having more fun!

With the help of the mobile payment app, you can eat, drink, and enjoy your dining experience at your own conveneince. Here’s how it works:

  • Download MyCheck onto your iPhone or Android phone and select your restaurant.
  • Enter your password and give the 4-digit code to your waitor or waitress.
  • Order your meal, cocktails, and enjoy!
  • When you’re ready to leave press “Pay” in the app, enter your tip, sign the screen and you’re set to go. It’s that easy!

Using this application reduces the threat of credit card fraud too. It also makes it easy to split the bill, even if others are paying with cash or traditional credit cards. You can then easily add the tip to your payment.

Join MyCheck and become greener, because when you download the app you will be saving paper! Honestly, how many people really save all of their receipts anyway? See your bill when you want to, pay it and easily leave a tip for your waiter or waitress - it's that easy!

So next time, use MyCheck! Go wherever you want and pay without waiting one extra minute!