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Min Plastics & Supply Inc has been serving Hawaii’s plastics needs for over 60 years. As a member of the International Association of Plastic Distributors, Min Plastics & Supply Inc abides by the highest quality standards for the plastic industry. They specialize in plastic sales and custom fabrication. Custom fabrication means that they will see your project through from preliminary design stages all the way through to a finished plastic product. They also have plenty of experience in acrylic products, industrial plastic, and PVC supply as well. Their expansive inventory gives clients the freedom to purchase whatever kind of plastic products they need, as well as plastic care products and accessories.

Because it is a family enterprise, they value personal service, quality, and accuracy. Their commitment to quality applies to more than just their products; it also is shown through their customer service. Min Plastics & Supply Inc has a qualified in-house sales team that will work with you one-on-one to provide you custom solutions for your plastic needs. Then, their experienced fabricators will see your project through to completion.

Complex projects are easy with the help of an experienced plastic supplier with the ability to provide custom fabrication. For all your plastic product needs and custom design projects, call Min Plastics & Supply Inc at (808) 847-1511.

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