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Losing your hearing is frustrating. When it happens, you need support from people you can trust. At Pacific Hearing Care in Hawaii, the center's caring staff will find the best hearing solution suited to your individual needs. With locations in Honolulu, Mililani, and Hilo, this trusted hearing center offers a wide selection of hearing aids and other hearing devices. For nearly two decades, they’ve been providing hearing aids, hearing tests, hearing aid repair, and other services throughout the state of Hawaii.

Pacific Hearing Care works with people who suffer from hearing impairment to address their unique needs. The hearing care center understands the emotional toll that losing your hearing can take, and they want to give each client the personalized support they need to live well again. These hearing professionals always keep up to date with the latest high-tech hearing aids, and they also provide custom hearing aid fittings. Once you undergo the necessary hearing screenings and evaluations, you'll be fitted with a hearing aid that works best for you.

If your hearing aid isn’t working properly, come in to see the trained hearing instrument specialists who are certified to repair any make and model. They'll determine the exact issue and fix it in a timely, affordable manner. These experts can also regularly screen your hearing in order to identify any potential problems and treat them right away. They’ll stay on top of your hearing or device issues so you don’t have to.

Start living the best quality of life you can with Pacific Hearing Care in Hawaii. They happily serve the areas of Honolulu, Mililani, Kahului, Molokai, Kailua-Kona, Hilo, Lihue, and Lanai-City. Whether you need hearing aid repair or you want to be fitted with a new device, they'll help you find the best solution. Make an appointment today by calling them at (808) 955-7366 or visit their website to learn more. 

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While many people experience some level of hearing loss, they are often hesitant to purchase hearing aids due to preconceived notions about this technology. The more
Hearing loss often happens gradually, which means many adults ignore subtle changes and assume they are normal signs of aging. Failing to address this common health problem can more
A hearing loop, or an audio induction loop, is a sound system that connects to a wire wrapped around a room; it’s designed to improve sound quality for people who wear hearing more
Visiting family and friends for the holidays is always exciting. If you wear hearing aids, you might need help dealing with excess noise in travel hubs like airports, bus terminals, more
New Year’s Eve is synonymous with boisterous parties, Champagne, and even fireworks displays. If you wear a hearing aid, you may be worried about the effect loud noises can have on more
Hearing aids provide a valuable solution for people with hearing loss. Since everyone’s ears are unique, it’s important to have these devices fitted by a professional. To get the more
Single-sided deafness (SSD) is a condition in which a person maintains functional hearing in one ear but is permanently unable to recognize sounds with the other. The effects of more
Hearing aids are an invaluable resource for people who live with hearing loss. There are a variety of models designed to fit users of all ages and levels of need. According to more
People with hearing loss can benefit significantly from custom hearing aids. The first step to getting the help you need, however, is by recognizing your ailment and more
It was not until the end of the Second World War that different levels of hearing were discovered, including those for understanding speech and recognizing assorted sounds. The ear more
  Fall into savings this season with all new hearing aid technology. Hear better this season with the all new primax technology  by Signia-Siemens hearing aids. Save more
For people with hearing loss, dining out can be a frustrating experience. The noise in a busy restaurant makes it difficult for you to talk with your companions and server. more
In today’s world, digital hearing aids are programmed through a computer in the hands of a hearing aid specialist. During the process, the specialist fine-tunes the hearing aid more
Your hearing aid keeps you connected to the people and events around you, so it’s important to keep it in good condition. You might be surprised to learn that your more
Hearing loss can impact multiple areas of your life, including your ability to operate a car safely. While there are no license restrictions pertaining to auditory more
Pacific Hearing Care is launching their End of the Month Special! For a limited time, Pacific Hearing Care are offering a free hearing aid accessory (up to a $400 value) more
A person’s profession can have a significant impact on their health. For example, a warehouse worker may suffer back pain from standing for long periods and lifting heavy objects. more
Hearing loss is a common issue that can arise due to age, illness, genetics, injury, or a combination of these factors. Thanks to medical technology, however, hearing aids are more
Hearing aid technology has come a long way over the years. Nowadays, most hearing aids are equip with features like Bluetooth connectivity, telecoils, and adapting to different more
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Man people assume hearing loss is only affects the elderly, but this condition is on the rise among teenagers and young adults. The hearing aid specialists from more
Not all health insurance policies cover hearing aids, so many people wonder whether these devices are worth the cost. Although you may be tempted to make do with limited hearing, more
Starting to notice some problems in hearing? Or do you know of anyone who does? Call Hawaii’s Best Hearing Aid Center to find the best solution for you. Pacific Hearing Care is more
While wearing hearing aids, you may experience feedback from time to time. This occurs when the sound transmitted from your hearing aid microphone to the speaker is continually more
If you are dealing with hearing loss then you may be finding it difficult to remember the names of people you just met, directions to the hottest new restaurant in town or more
If you or someone you know is experiencing hearing loss? Call Hawaii’s Best Hearing Aid Practice to see what solutions are available! This year brings a whole new, cutting-edge more
Even if you’re wearing digital hearing aids, you may still be missing out on the most natural listening experience possible if you haven’t upgraded to a wireless model. more
Spring season is here! Pacific Hearing Care is offering our special Hear Better Now! promotion on hearing aids throughout this month. Starting to notice some hearing more
The ears are more sensitive than most people realize, and concertgoers are at risk of hearing loss every time they rock out. The average rock concert is 120 decibels, and anything more
If your most recent hearing test revealed that you’re experiencing hearing loss, you may be concerned about being fully informed of your options. Pacific Hearing Care wants you to more
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Millions of Americans rely on hearing aids to hear clearly and well. Much like with glasses or contacts, hearing aids need to be replaced on a regular basis in order to ensure more
About 20% of Americans report some degree of hearing loss. At age 65, 1 out of 3 people has hearing loss. At Pacific Hearing Care, we want to reach out to those who are more
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Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) is the most common kind of permanent hearing loss. It occurs when the inner ear or the nerve connecting the inner ear to the brain is damaged. more
Hearing aids come in many brands, capabilities, and options, including over-the-counter devices, or personal sound amplification devices (PSAPs). While the price tag might be more
The biggest issue with hearing loss is that hearing loss separates people. From hearing either your grandchildren, spouse, or socializing with friends, hearing loss turns the more
Hearing aids can really improve the traveling experience for those with hearing loss; however, it is still important to protect and maintain your device while traveling to ensure it more
Hearing loss can be a challenging topic to discuss with a loved one, especially if they don’t seem to notice ongoing issues with their hearing. That being said, if you notice a more
Experience better hearing this year with the all new digital hearing aids. Now you can experience more natural, rich, and vibrant sounds with hearing aids from Pacific more
As technology rapidly changing, so does the fundamentals of hearing aids. From the algorithms to different shape and sizes of hearing aids, there are several technological more
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Choosing the right hearing aids is an important decision that affects your ability to effectively communicate with the world around you. Pacific Hearing Care understands the more
Hearing loss can be one of the most difficult parts of aging. What is at first a minor inconvenience—making it difficult to talk on a telephone or listen to the more
Hearing loss impacts millions of Americans. Whether it’s the result of genetics, the natural aging process, or consistent exposure to loud noises, hearing loss is a challenge that more
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A major complaint hearing aid users have is the frequency of changing out batteries. Today, many hearing aids run on disposable zinc-air batteries. Zinc-air batteries provide the more
The all new revolutionary battery-free hearing aid from Signia is now available in Hawaii. Now you can experience more natural, rich, and vibrant sounds with hearing aids more
Hearing loss, for many, is an inevitable part of the aging process. However, thanks to hearing aids and other helpful innovations, it can become manageable. In recent years, more
When you’re suffering from hearing loss, hearing aids will amplify your hearing so you can go on with your normal life. Once you understand the basics, these hearing more
If you have hearing loss and you routinely visit the gym to work out, consider wearing your hearing aids if you don’t already. With the advancements in technology, hearing devices more
Noise is any sound that distracts from or disrupts a person’s ability to function. Studies have shown that noise, such as from traffic, crowded rooms, and lawn mowers can more
Not being able to hear what others are saying or respond to audible warning signals can have detrimental effects on your personal relationships, your job, and your ability to more
There’s a strong connection between the brain and hearing loss. Cognitive function is highly dependent on the ability to hear. In fact, hearing loss plays a remarkable role in the more
Surround yourself with the color of sounds. Now you can experience more natural, rich, and vibrant sounds with hearing aids from Pacific Hearing Care. Enjoy hearing better more
Throughout their nearly 20 years of service providing hearing devices and hearing aid repairs, Pacific Hearing Care has witnessed incredible innovations in technology. Among these more
Imagine heading to your aunt’s house for a family luncheon and your hearing aids turn off. Then you realize your batteries are dead and you find yourself rushing off to find more
Celebrities are just like us! Well, maybe not all the time, but it’s interesting to know that plenty of talented, famous people are affected by hearing loss. Pacific Hearing Care in more
Start hearing better this fall with Pacific Hearing Care! Here we are providing a limited time offer with some products from a few manufactures: Signia ReSound This second more
You may think that your hearing loss defines your path in life. You might feel certain opportunities and experiences have simply come to pass. Well, fortunately, you’d be wrong more
No one should be disconnected from the people they love, start hearing better with Pacific Hearing Care! Here we are providing a limited time offer with some products from a more
Digital hearing aids keep getting better and better. Each year brings significant improvements to the user’s experience, design, sound quality, and connectivity. A Danish more
Music and Life Imagine your life without music. Whether it’s to relax and settle down, to get pumped up during a workout, or improving productivity. It excites us, moves us, stir more
Dealing with hearing loss can be frustrating and even isolating. With the right team of compassionate specialists on your side, though, you can face the problem with confidence. The more
Hearing aids provide an important service, but they also take a lot of getting used to. They don’t offer a normal hearing level and may even feel a little too “snug” more
Independence Day Special Don’t miss out on events, start hearing better with Pacific Hearing Care! Here we are providing a limited time offer with some products from a few more
It is important to have hearing aids to help carry out the activities of everyday life. For someone to have their hearing devices suddenly stop working, it is best to count on more
Losing your hearing is scary. Seeking help, especially when you don’t know what you’re getting in to, can be intimidating. At Pacific Hearing Care, they believe lack of information more
Welcome to the Hearing Aids Summer Sale! Part 2! Don’t miss out on events, start hearing better with Pacific Hearing Care! Here we are providing a limited time offer with some more
Hearing is an important factor of life, yet most people don’t think twice about what it means to hear well. When communicating with loved ones, listening to the nuances of nature, more
People lose their hearing for many reason. Could be age, genetics, traumatic effects, or being exposed to loud-noise environments. More than 20 million Americans age 50 or older are more
As people age, it’s natural for their hearing to diminish, but that doesn’t mean they have to put up with it. If you’re struggling to hear and are considering hearing aids, turn to more
Losing your hearing can be an upsetting and inconvenient experience. Luckily, with the help of hearing aids, you can still maintain the same quality of life you enjoy today. The more
Our hearing is important in everyday situations. Hearing empowers us and improves our quality of life. Hearing allows us to interact, communicate, socialize, and warn us of more
Hear better this summer with Pacific Hearing care, Hearing Aids Summer Sale! This June, Pacific Hearing Care is offering a special saving of $700 on a pair of digital hearing more
If you are a new hearing aid user or an experience hearing aid user, you may need a guide to help take care and maintaining your hearing aids. Some of the main issues can be easily more
Digital hearing aids have changed the landscape of hearing aid technology. In the past, there were analog hearing aids. Analog aids have a microphone to collect sound, the sound is more
It was announced in the month of May, 1927, was designated as Better Hearing and Speech Month to raise awareness. In May 21st, 1986, President Ronald Regan made an announcement to more
Hearing aids come in different models, shapes, sizes, and circuitry. Finding the best hearing aids can be a challenge since you will be exposed to different types of styles. more
Your hearing is important. Not only does the ability to hear well make your day-to-day routine easier, but it’s also critical for your safety. The professional team at Pacific more
Enjoy Hearing Effortlessly      Signia, a new brand name for Siemens hearing aids. Building on Siemens’ values of hearing technology, their mission is to more
Digital hearing aids are a revolutionary new technology that enhances and improves the way we hear. Pacific Hearing Care in Honolulu, Hawaii, has a full line of hearing devices more
Modern Hearing Aids Communication plays an important role in today’s society. Hearing and understanding isn’t as important, if people can’t hear properly, it can decrease the more
Controlling your hearing aids Imagine controlling your hearing aids through an iPhone. Imagine adjusting the volume to make sounds louder or softer. Or imagine modifying the pitch more
New Hearing Aid Technology New advance hearing aids in Honolulu can be yours! With the latest advancement, you can look forward to hear better in noisy situations, better direction more
If you have been diagnosed with hearing problems, consider the benefits of behind-the-ear hearing aids. These hearing aids are designed differently than other hearing solutions and more
The basic function of hearing aids is simple; they amplify the sound around you so that you can hear more sharply and clearly. But many people don’t understand how that process more
Are you having a harder time hearing?Not being able to hear your friends, loved ones, and grandchildren?We are offering a special savings of $700 on a pair of digital hearing aids. more
If you are experiencing hearing loss, it can be difficult to know what to do and what the next steps are. Luckily, if you’re in the Honolulu, Mililani, or Big Island areas, more
Are you missing the moments of life? Not being able to hear your friends, loved ones, and grandchildren?We are offering a special savings of $700 on a pair of digital hearing more
Taking good care of your health and wellbeing involves having a hearing screening every few years. You don’t have to experience hearing problems to undergo an assessment since a more
Can't Hear? Great News! We are offering a special savings of $700 on a pair of digital hearing aids. This promotion can be applied towards different models such as custom more
If you are shopping around for high-quality hearing aids, make sure you are working with a vendor that offers a wide range of options and performs a hearing screening to ensure a more
We are offering a special savings of $700 on a pair of digital hearing aids. This promotion can be applied towards different models such as custom hearing aids, behind-the-ear more
Struggling with hearing loss can be difficult, especially when your hearing aid is uncomfortable or ill-fitting. Today, there are many hearing aid solutions available, like custom more
Celebrate with us this spring season! $700 off on a pair of digital hearing aids. Give us a call at (808) 955-7366 or email us at info@pachear for more info!read more
For people with hearing loss, hearing devices are essential tools to carry out the activities of everyday life. That’s why it’s important to find a dedicated hearing aid repair more