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Contractors’ Equipment & Service Corp is the heavy equipment specialist of Honolulu. With all kinds of heavy equipment rentals, auto body repair services, and welding work, they will see your project through from start to finish. Several convenient locations make Contractors’ Equipment & Service Corp the go-to shop for heavy equipment needs. Hawaii’s number one choice for fabrication, truck rental, and equipment parts is number one for a reason. With a knowledgeable staff and stocked inventory, Contractors’ Equipment & Service Corp will meet your construction demands at a fair price.

Contractors’ Equipment & Service Corp offers free estimates for all services. Completing a construction job is stressful enough without dealing with faulty equipment or expensive rentals. Get the job done by using Contractors’ Equipment & Service Corp for everything from equipment rental, to demolition, to auto body repair. Let your business look its best with auto paint and auto body repair for all your heavy equipment. Work with a company you can trust for your next construction job. Hawaii’s number one choice for truck rental, welding work, equipment parts, and everything in between, is Contractors’ Equipment & Service Corp of Honolulu, HI. Make it your choice for your next construction job. Call (808) 676-7566 for a free estimate.

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