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Since 2000, Tutor Time of Plymouth Township has been caring for children at their renowned childcare center. The preschool has an excellent reputation in childcare and education, a direct result of the amazing and dedicated care provided by their teachers. All teachers at Tutor Time are CPR and First Aid Certified and receive ongoing training in early childhood education. Through their skills children are given a lifelong learning experience.

Tutor Time has separate classrooms and playgrounds for each age group and a specially dedicated room called the Tutor Towne™ Village that enhances children’s creativity and role playing skills. Through these specially designed classrooms and dedicated teachers children at tutor time receive a worthwhile learning experience, loving child care, safety and fun!

Tutor Time provides a LifeSmart™ curriculum based on the belief that children are intelligent in many different ways. Working alongside standards set forth by national accrediting associations, the preschool curriculum helps children expand on their own unique gifts in eight “Smart” classes.

These classes are:

  • WordSmart – Reading, writing and story telling
  • MathSmart – Logical thinking, patterns and numbers
  • BodySmart – Expression through one’s body, movement and physical activity
  • DesignSmart® - Visualization, building, drawing and design
  • MusicSmart – Rhythm, signing and creating music
  • NatureSmart® - Exploring the physical world and living things
  • PeopleSmart – Working in groups, sensitivity to others, leadership
  • MeSmart – In tune with personal feelings and thoughts

See videos of Tutor Time's very own YouTube channel:

For more information on how you can sign your child up for Tutor Time of Plymouth Township visit the website or call (734) 420-2700 to talk to one of their friendly staff members. 

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