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Modern Window of New York, Inc

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Modern Window of New York, Inc. offers high-quality, custom-made windows in Buffalo, NY. They believe in providing superior window repair and installation services, offering custom fit windows that meet your every need and desire.

Modern Window of New York has been proudly serving western New York and northern Pennsylvania for over 20 years. This local, family-owned business has been built on providing high-quality workmanship and award-winning customer service. They specialize in Vista Windows, an American-made product that is both eco-friendly and affordable. With the goal to restore value to your home, Modern Window New York offers window options that always exceed expectations.

Modern Window of New York believes that windows should be both functional and beautiful. Their products include horizontal sliders, bay and bow replacement windows, double hung replacement windows, picture windows, casement windows, awning and hopper windows, sliding patio doors, and any customized size or shape. All of their windows are designed to be energy efficient, whether it be Vista Windows or their Energy Xtreme™ line of replacement windows. For the finishing touches, they have 12 different exterior colors, six different interior colors, and an infinite number of available grid patterns to choose from so there is no limit to your creativity. Their expert staff will work with you to design windows that match your style and enhance the overall look of your home.

Whether you’re interested in updating your windows or need an expert window repair service, Modern Window of New York, Inc. will provide excellent service and guarantee your satisfaction. Don’t settle for substandard windows. Revolutionize the way you feel about your windows with their unbeatable service and products. Schedule a consultation by calling (716) 873-8800, or visit their website to see all the products and services they have to offer.

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