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Oil Express in Glenham, NY, is committed to building a warmer community by providing the lowest discount heating oil prices and friendliest service in Dutchess County. This locally owned and operated company continuously looks for ways to reduce their prices to offer the best commercial and residential heating oil rates possible. When you need your home heating oil tank topped off, count on their courteous team of professionals to get you and your loved ones through even the coldest New York winter.

In addition to the lowest prices in the business, Oil Express always delivers the highest quality home heating oil products on the market. A reliable supply of home heating oil is essential, which is why they fill every order as quickly as possible. They promise same-day delivery in many cases, so you can depend on their swift and efficient heating oil delivery even if you unexpectedly run out.

Ran and operated by the owner, Oil Express maintains a low overhead and passes along those discounts to their customers. In addition to their already steeply discounted prices, they offer senior citizen discounts as well as Home Energy Assistance Program prices. With a broad service area and reliable business partners, Oil Express is dedicated to providing both warmth and value to their customers.

To make sure your oil heat system gets through the winter, have Oil Express in Glenham, NY, attend to all of your home heating oil needs. Call (845) 765-8359 to request a quote and schedule your first discount oil delivery today. Visit Oil Express online now to learn more about what sets this locally-owned, small business apart.

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