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FUSCO ENGINEERING & LAND SURVEYING, Land Surveying, Services, Middletown, New York

Fusco Engineering & Land Surveying, P.C.  is a full-service Professional Engineering Corporation in Middletown, NY. This local firm has been providing the residents, businesses, and municipalities of the greater Hudson Valley area with unmatched engineering and land surveying services since 1983.

Fusco Engineering & Land Surveying, P.C. specializes in providing high-quality civil, mechanical, and electrical design services to developers, cities, and private residents. No matter the size, length, or scope of your project, their experts will work with you to identify all of your needs and explore your land use options. They pledge to finish your project on time and within budget while exceeding your expectations. Their services include site plans, building designs, commercial inspections, boundary surveys, parking deck facilities, depositions, and much more.

Fusco Engineering & Land Surveying, P.C. is equipped to work in tandem with contractors and can offer additional construction management services designed to streamline the development process. The highly-skilled engineers at Fusco Engineering & Land Surveying, P.C. also have extensive experience in forensic engineering, having served as expert witnesses in numerous court cases for nearly any situation imaginable. They’re also trained to assess and perform a wide range of structural and infrastructure inspections from homes to water/sewer plants.

For over 30 years, builders and homeowners in the Hudson Valley area have entrusted Fusco Engineering & Land Surveying, P.C. with all of their engineering and surveying needs. Whether you require real estate inspection or property line surveying, their expert surveyors will provide you with the most accurate information possible, giving you the tools to make informed decisions at any stage of the development process. They can also assist you with grant writing and help you explore your finance options.

To learn more about the construction surveying and civil engineering performed by Fusco Engineering & Land Surveying,P.C., contact them today at (845) 344­-5863, or visit them online for a complete list of services. 

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