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With over 27 years of experience in the industry, American Health Chiropractic provides expert chiropractic treatment to residents of the Cincinnati area who seek relief from chronic pain. Whether you’ve been injured in a car or work accident or you suffer from pain due to health issues, these highly trained and compassionate professionals can help you. They are equipped to treat everything from sciatica and headaches to neck, back, and arm pain.

American Health Chiropractic offers a wide range of massage therapy options and chiropractic treatments to treat all types of pain in the body. Some of their valuable services include:

  • Adjustments & Manipulation: Adjustments involve the movement of the vertebrae in order to realign the spine, which is essential for proper muscle, nervous system, and brain function. American Health Chiropractic uses gentle techniques to readjust your vertebrae without causing any discomfort.
  • Chiropractic Massage: To improve your musculoskeletal system and overall health, chiropractic massage is a wonderful solution. Massage releases toxins in the body, increases circulation, and improves the flexibility of muscles and connective tissues.
  • X-Rays & Ultrasounds: American Health Chiropractic will take x-rays to ensure you get the best chiropractic treatment for your body’s specific spinal and skeletal structure. If you suffer from joint injuries, muscle spasms, or soft tissue issues, ultrasounds may be used to massage the affected areas, assisting in the healing process and preventing scar tissue from forming.


  • Workers Compensation & Personal Injury: If you’ve been injured on the job, on the playing field, or in an auto accident, chiropractic treatment is an excellent choice for discovering the underlying sources of your pain that medical doctors might miss. What’s even better is that chiropractic treatments can provide both short- and long-term relief from your injury-related pain.

For the best chiropractic treatment and massage therapy in the Cincinnati area, rely on the professionals at American Health Chiropractic to find the root cause of your pain and provide solutions that last. Give them a call at (513) 576-6699 to schedule a free consultation and visit their website for more information.

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FIRST VISIT FREE  * Includes: Consultation, Exam and Up to 2 X-Rays    (If Necessary) and First Adjustment * Not Valid for Medicare or Medicaid patients more
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