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After a long day at the office or running errands around the city, there is nothing more rewarding than falling into your bed for a much deserved nap. However, if that bed includes a not-too-comfy mattress, you could be counting sheep before you actually fall asleep.

At NY Mattress Outlet you will find dozens of styles for both regular and platform beds, sofa beds, sofas, futons, mattresses and much more! The mattress experts work closely with manufacturers to bring a variety of unique choices to consumers at affordable prices. No longer do you have to travel from store to store to find a comfortable bed you will fall right asleep in; the mattress and furniture store has exactly what you’re looking for.

Furniture and mattress orders are placed quick, safely and securely. Delivery on most items is free within the five boroughs of NYC, along with same/next day delivery on items that are in stock. Start enjoying a great mattress or sofa when you need it the most. With their efficient designs and comfort, you won’t want to wait any longer to start sleeping in your new bed!

NY Mattress Outlet is available to answer your calls, and will answer any emails within 24 hours. Please call (718) 395-7280 for more information and start sleeping comfortably tonight. 

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NY Mattress Outlet is Brooklyn’s premier destination for modern furniture at affordable prices. The furniture store has an extensive stock of mattresses, bedroom sets, and beds, more
For years NY Mattress Outlet has been synonymous with bedroom furniture, offering amazing deals on bedroom sets and beds. That’s only one specialty in their extensive catalog of more
Are you looking to freshen up your bedroom? Bedroom furniture tends to be expensive, but NY Mattress Outlet works closely with manufacturers to offer a variety of stylish choices at more
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