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LearningRx NYC - UES

LearningRx NYC - UES

115 E. 82nd Street, Suite 1B
New York, NY 10028
(212) 738-9264
LearningRx NYC - UES, Educational Services, Family and Kids, New York, New York

The Upper East Side's LearningRx in New York City is part of a successful network of brain training facilities nationwide. Who needs a better, faster, more efficient brain? Who doesn't!

What Does LearningRX Do? Brain Training!

We change lives through brain training. At the root of LearningRx’s success is a brain training program that has unmatched power to unlock learning potential by effectively addressing the cause behind learning and reading struggles.

Only at LearningRx, located on the Upper East Side, do we focus on changing a student’s underlying ability to learn and read. We train and strengthen cognitive skills with scientifically based andclinically proven one-on-one personalized training. You and your child are no longer limited to treating symptoms. With LearningRx training you can literally change how he or she learns and, in doing so, change the future.

Not Just for Kids

LearningRx brain training centers serve a wide variety of adult needs as well. Brain training provides proven tools to help those looking for all types of skills enhancement. Career adults can gain a significant competitive edge. College students can leverage both class and study time. Senior adults can forestall or even reverse age-related mental and memory decline.

Take the First Step Now

If it seems like LearningRx might be the answer you have been looking for, head over to our Upper East Side location's website to read more about our programs and get a head start on training your brain.

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