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Dr. Richard M. Holmes, DMD, Dentists, Health and Beauty, Indian Trail, North Carolina

If "panic-stricken," "nervous," or "terrified" are words you associate with a visit to the dentist's office, then look no further because Dr. Richard M Holmes DMD PA is here to provide gentle service with highly professional guidance.

Dr. Richard M Holmes proudly serves smiles from Union, Mecklenburg and surrounding counties. At Dr. Richard M Holmes they offer a comfortable relaxing atmosphere for everyone. To help you feel comfortable and relaxed Dr. Holmes offers sedation dentistry, and are often able to perform multiple procedures in a single office visit. Dr. Richard Holmes has extensive experience in sedation dentistry and has trained with some of the best sedation dentists in the region.

Schedule a consultation with the friendly staff and come experience why you will look forward to your next visit. Indian Trail Dental Associates provides a state of the art facility, convenient to Charlotte, Indian Trail, Matthews, Monroe, Union & Mecklenburg & surrounding counties. We look forward to seeing you smile!

Call (704) 234-6394 to schedule an appointment. 

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