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Pouncing Tigers, Inc.

Keeping things entertaining as well as educational is one key to success with young minds.

Pouncing Tigers, Inc.

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Pouncing Tigers, Inc., Martial Arts, Services, New York, New York

Infusing together complementary martial arts styles, Pouncing Tigers teaches children that respect and learning are fun! Martial arts classes involve strength building games, listening exercises and techniques that have all been specifically designed to both challenge and encourage students to push towards success. Starting at a young age, children are given the tools to grow and evolve in their craft for the rest of their lives.

Founder and Head Instructor of Pouncing Tigers, Ken Gibson has trained students in martial arts for over 20 years. Gibson incorporates discipline, self-control and respect into every lesson teaching children how to listen more carefully and respond respectfully. The hope is that children not only learn a valuable skill, but that they leave becoming honorable adults and earn respect wherever they go.

Children learn in very different ways from adults. Through martial arts classes they are given the outlet to express themselves freely. More importantly, students who participate in martial arts classes at a young age tend to excel in school, at work, and get along with others more easily.

Children work hard at Pouncing Tigers and parents can too with their adult martial arts programs. Visit the site online to check out their weekly schedules for both children and adults. 

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