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The Rice House

The Best Fried Rice in Town

The Rice House

2725 N. Highway 67
Florissant, MO 63033
(314) 921-0711
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The Rice House is the best place for Asian food in Missouri. With locations in Florissant and Maryland Heights, this locally owned and operated establishment is known for having unbelievably tasty authentic Vietnamese and Chinese food, served up with a Cajun kick. Whether you want dine-in, takeout, delivery, or catering services, you won't find a better restaurant in the area for Asian fusion cuisine.

Specializing in authentic Chinese food and Vietnamese cuisine, The Rice House brings the best of both worlds together under one roof—and their chefs even throw in a taste of Southern soul food to keep your taste buds interested. Browse their menu and expect to find all your favorite Asian food dishes, like lo mein, chop suey, and, of course, fried rice. If you want an entire feast, start off with an egg roll followed by sweet and sour chicken, hot braised pork, or sesame tofu. Pair any meal with basil fried rice and mixed vegetables that are guaranteed to satisfy any craving.

The Rice House serves up more than Asian food, though. This fusion restaurant is famous for their signature dishes, like their new turkey, collard greens, and sausage gumbo; or, for a different spin on Cajun dining, try the "Angry Bird St. Paul" special, which features a jumbo chicken St. Paul on Texas toast stuffed with jalapeños, Cajun spices, and Munster cheese. Don't forget about their specialty fried rice dishes either, like the jambalaya fried rice or pineapple chicken fried rice. For all your soul food hankerings, order the hot wings and the "stupid thick" pork chop sandwich—it’s so good that you’ll order Chinese food and soul food from here on out.

Visit The Rice House online to view their menu, and don't forget to like them on Facebook to see what they're serving up tonight. Call (314) 837-0711 for delivery or if you have any questions about the restaurant's fusion Chinese food.

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