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Double Diamond Contracting has been the Flathead Valley’s best paving service for over 15 years. Based in Kalispell, MT, these pros are masters at providing and perfecting hard surfaces like asphalt. After the team has completed a project, your road will be wonderfully smooth and easy to drive on.

The Double Diamond Contracting team specializes in creating fine surfaces. When it comes to asphalt, they offer everything from parking lot paving to the removal and replacement of old asphalt. These contractors have years of experience, and they thrive in any setting, be it commercial, industrial, or residential. No matter where the road is, it will take on a beautiful, finished appearance.

In addition to paving, the Kalispell contractors are experts in other surface projects. They offer top-notch sealcoating, which will ensure that your road surface will not cause skidding. As road construction professionals, they take pride in creating surfaces that are extremely safe. If there’s a crack or a pothole in your road, these contractors will make the surface so pristine, you’ll never know there was any problem. And if you’re ever having trouble with ice or snow in the winter, the team can clear it away in no time.

Customers who contact Double Diamond Contracting will receive a free estimate so they can make a truly informed decision. You’ll be able to speak with the owner directly so you know who you'll be working with. Lastly, when you choose to hire Double Diamond Contracting, all work will be guaranteed.

People and businesses rely on the surfaces they encounter every day to be safe and smooth. If you have any paving needs, it’s smart to go with the best contractors around. You can contact Double Diamond Contracting by calling (406) 755-8853. To learn more about the company, visit their website.

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