Plainville, Massachusetts

Rancho Chico

Mexican Family Restaurant

Rancho Chico

52 Washington Street
Plainville, MA 02762
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Serving authentic Mexican-style food in the center of Plainville, Rancho Chico creates flavorful dishes, fusing traditional recipes with modern application and technique. The Mexican restaurant offers a spacious and inviting atmosphere amid historic artwork and décor. Settle into a comfortable booth, table, or spot by the bar and enjoy some of the most bold and flavorful specialties Mexico has to offer.

Rancho Chico prides itself on offering a delicious experience for you and your family, ensuring all of their guests feel right at home. Each dish is prepared fresh with only the finest ingredients. These authentic Mexican dishes are crafted with all natural aged cheeses, fresh vegetables, and the quality cuts of chicken, lamb, and pork. Chips are cooked in-house hours before serving and all sauces and marinades are made fresh daily.

Family-owned and operated, Rancho Chico is a charming dining experience. Guests may choose from an assortment of classic dishes including freshly seasoned rice, hand rolled burritos, soups, chimichangas, chorizos, fajitas, picadillo, and tostadas, as well as quesadillas, homemade chile relleno and steak salad. Additionally, guests will enjoy their beer selection and over 30 authentic Mexican margaritas and tequilas.

Browse the extensive menu online and visit Rancho Chico for a delicious and flavorful dining experience with all of the essential Mexican flavors. 

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