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1312 Kaumualii St.
Honolulu, HI 96817
Floors of Hawaii, Flooring Sales Installation and Repair, Services, Honolulu, Hawaii

Floors of Hawaii is Honolulu's premier flooring contractor. Specializing in flooring installation, service, and repair, their team of highly trained technicians has the equipment and the experience to execute any residential or commercial project, guaranteed. Whether you want vinyl, wood, tile, or carpet, choose Floors of Hawaii for fast, reliable service.

Want to replace your flooring? For years, Floors of Hawaii has been providing the Honolulu community with top-notch flooring installations, friendly customer service, and affordable prices. These contractors are known all over Oahu for their ability to transform homes and businesses into dream spaces. Discuss your vision with Floors of Hawaii and expect their customer service representative to explain your options, offer an estimate, and schedule an expert installation.

When you choose Floors of Hawaii for your flooring project, you're putting your property into the hands of talented contractors who have installed and serviced all types of materials, from wood and tile to carpet and vinyl. And while most flooring companies only specialize in home flooring, Floors of Hawaii does it all, including commercial flooring jobs as well.

To discover the difference that an experienced flooring contractor can have on your home remodeling project, contact Floors of Hawaii in Honolulu by calling (808) 845-9915. Visit them on Yelp for details and reviews, and don't forget to like them on Facebook for promotional news and more.

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