Upper East Side, New York

Heidi's House by The Side of The Road

Home-like feel and great flavors.

Heidi's House by The Side of The Road

308 East 78th Street
New York, NY 10075
(212) 249-0069
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Heidi’s House By The Side Of The Road is a little wine bar on 78th Street off 2nd Avenue with a home-like feel and great flavors.

When founders Heidi and Ed grew weary of venturing downtown to find a low key neighborhood bar, they decided to be the change they wanted to see on the Upper East Side. Soon, after Heidi’s House By The Side Of The Road was born.

The wine bar has an extensive and growing artisanal collection of wine and beer and simple and delicious food. All the dishes at Heidi’s are prepared individually by Chef Cipriano Pita to your liking and all the ingredients are from local vendors. The rotating menu is based on fresh seasonal produce and Heidi’s serves Gluten-free food for healthy dining in New York City.

Everyone at Heidi’s House by The Side of The Road is like family and the atmosphere has a warm and cozy relaxed with a growing local following and serves as a hidden gem on the Upper East Side.

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