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For smiles that last a lifetime, Highland Dental in Richmond provides patients with state-of-the-art general and cosmetic dentistry services. Under the leadership of Dr. Timothy D. Wiley, D.M.D., P.S.C., the team at Highland Dental helps Kentucky residents keep their teeth strong and healthy. The dental clinic offers a wide range of services, including routine exams and cleanings, long-lasting dental implants, and same day crowns. For patients in need of orthodontic or periodontal care, Highland Dental’s comprehensive list of services also includes Invisalign to straighten teeth and gum therapy to combat disease and prevent tooth loss. Whether you have a regularly scheduled appointment or you suddenly find yourself in need of emergency services, Highland Dental will provide compassionate, personalized care to keep you smiling.

Highland Dental combines patient-focused care with advanced technology to ensure that you feel comfortable while you receive the most thorough and precise service. Using the latest oral health technology, Highland Dental can detect potential issues before they become serious or painful for you. The use of digital X-rays, for example, gives the Highland Dental dentist a clearer picture of your mouth in less time, with the added benefit of not exposing you to radiation. Additional digital diagnostic and treatment methods the clinic uses include intra-oral cameras that capture images of hard-to-reach parts of the mouth, and digital dental impressions that can be used to create properly fitted implants and dentures.

When you visit Highland Dental online, you will find a wealth of information on a number of oral health topics including tips for developing good oral hygiene, the unique aspects of pediatric dental care, and the relationship between oral health and whole body health. The staff at Highland Dental believes that patient education is an important part of preventive care and is ready to answer any questions you may have during your appointment.

To schedule an appointment, call Highland Dental at (859) 625-0204. Be sure to visit their website to learn more about Dr. Wiley, his staff, and the full range of services they offer. For more information on topics related to oral health and hygiene, you can follow Highland Dental on Facebook and Google+.

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