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For something as important as roof replacement, you can only trust a licensed, insured, and experienced roofing company. Prizio Roofing & Siding Co. in Stamford, CT, is the perfect company for the job. Lead by co-owners John and Jonathan Prizio, the 48-year-old industry veteran remains unrivaled in Connecticut for roofing, chimney, and siding repair services.

What makes Prizio Roofing & Siding Co. the best contractor for roof, siding, chimney, and gutter repairs? Since they don’t rely on any middlemen, the Prizios personally oversee every project from beginning to end. Whether you need to fix individual shingles or your entire roof, the experts here treat every project as if it’s their own. The staff display a deep knowledge of and exceptional workmanship on various roof types, like asphalt, flat, wood, and slate.

They bring the same level of mastery into their siding and gutter maintenance services. Providing round-the-clock assistance, Connecticut’s top repairmen are also available if you require carpentry or snow removal services for your roof. The comprehensive range of services this family-owned business provides is hard to beat.

Anytime you call these diligent professionals for an estimate, you will be provided with a free, non-obligatory quote. They'll discuss all applicable expenses with you beforehand, and no matter how major or minor your roofing project may be, you can count on their fast service for quick, reliable results. Moreover, they offer special discounts for their senior customers.

Prizio Roofing & Siding Co. has received a flawless rating on the BBB because they always put the customer first. Call (203) 322-9009 to set up an appointment with the roofing contractors today, or visit their website to browse their impressive portfolio of roof replacements and other projects.

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