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Anchorage, AK's most beloved dental health team is undoubtedly The Libby Group. This professional team of family dentists has a wide array of expertise, which means they’re able to serve everyone from young children to seniors.

The Libby Group believes in creating a comfortable atmosphere where all patients feel understood, relaxed, and welcomed. Customer satisfaction is the goal of every interaction they have. By pairing a patient-centric approach with highly educated dentists, beautiful facilities, and state-of-the-art technology, The Libby Group enjoys a sterling reputation.

The dental professionals at The Libby Group are passionate about promoting proper oral hygiene and preventative care to help patients enjoy great oral health at every age. Their friendly hygienists will perform all of your family’s regular teeth cleanings and check for things like preemptive signs of gum disease. Then, The Libby Group's expert dentists will perform comprehensive checkups to make sure your pearly whites are in great shape.

If a dental health issue arises, The Libby Group will work as quickly and painlessly as possible to rectify the problem, whether it involves applying a composite filling or a dental crown, or performing a tooth extraction. They also offer a full menu of cosmetic dentistry procedures, like teeth whitening and porcelain veneer creation, to help improve the look of your smile and give you a major confidence boost.

The Libby Group is always accepting new patients. To schedule an appointment today, call them at (907) 274-2659 or visit them online to read reviews and learn more about their dynamic dental practice. 

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