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Since 1967, homeowners and businesses in the Cincinnati area have relied on Don Marcum’s Pool Care for a wide range of pool supplies and services. Don Marcum’s Pool Care offers seasonal care, maintenance, and cleaning services for both in-ground and above ground pools, as well as spas and hot tubs. To keep your pool in great shape between service visits, Don Marcum’s Pool Care also carries a number of parts and accessories, like pool covers, filters, and lighting. Cincinnati area pool owners trust Don Marcum’s Pool Care to provide fast and reliable service, using state-of-the-art equipment, for an affordable price.

Turning to an expert for your pool care needs ensures that the job will be done right. In addition to performing repairs, Don Marcum’s Pool Care installs and maintains equipment like pumps and automatic cleaners that will keep your water safe and sparkling. The condition of your swimming pool and its water quality is important to maintain for safety reasons. That’s why Don Marcum’s Pool Care works hard to inspect pools and quickly repair any damage that can cause leaking or encourage the growth of harmful bacteria and pathogens.

Don Marcum’s Pool Care can also help you protect your pool during the winter. Scheduling a seasonal cleaning and installing a sturdy pool cover before the cold weather arrives will ensure that your pool is ready to enjoy as soon as warmer weather returns.

Discounts are available for regularly scheduled routine maintenance. To help you save even more, Don Marcum’s Pool Care offers competitive prices on their products and accessories, and will work with you to develop the most cost-effective maintenance plan.

Don Marcum’s Pool Care is a proud member of the National Spa and Pool Association, an organization dedicated to the care and enjoyment of swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs. When you work with this team of pool care professionals, you will find that pools aren’t just their job, pools are their true passion. To learn more about the expert service and products from Don Marcum’s Pool Care, call (513) 561-7050 or visit their website.

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