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Clancy-Palumbo Funeral Home of East Haven, CT, helps families create the ceremony their loved one would have wanted. The compassionate staff guide mourning family members and friends through the process of choosing the right memorial service to commemorate the deceased and stay true to their memory. 

Their services include everything from graveside services and traditional funerals to eulogies and obituaries; so comprehensive is this New Haven funeral home that they also offer support for finding a local florist and even provide advice on making meaningful choices for your loved one's ceremony. 

If you've suffered an unexpected loss, Clancy-Palumbo Funeral Home will help you get through all the planning from start to finish. These professionals understand how difficult it can be to make big decisions immediately after the loss of the loved one—that’s why they will tend to all of the details while you and the family have time to grieve.

Clancy-Palumbo Funeral Home also offers pre-planning funeral services so you can give your family peace of mind and shelter them from taking on the unexpected expenses of your passing. Planning your memorial service now means that your wishes will be carried out to your exact specifications, including everything from the flowers to the graveside services. Although it isn't a necessary step to pre-planning, if you decide to set aside funds for your services, you can also protect your family against inflation.

For assistance with funeral arrangements in East Haven, call Clancy-Palumbo Funeral Home at (203) 467-2789 today. To learn more about all of their memorial services and ideas on ways to make your ceremony more personal, you can also visit the website.

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