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H2 Laser & Skin

12335 North Community House Road, Lenox Salons, Suite 12
Charlotte, NC 28277
H2 Laser & Skin, Laser Treatments, Health and Beauty, Charlotte, North Carolina

H2 Laser & Skin, located in the heart of Charlotte, is a boutique practice that specializes in full-body laser hair removal and skin treatments for all genders. H2 Laser & Skin provides services from professionals with over 11 years in the medical industry.

Led by Dr. Mohan Pillal, a Board-Certified plastic surgeon, and Hetal Patel, registered nurse and Advanced Certified Laser Specialist, the practice caters to individual clients, taking great care to evaluate each case, specific needs, requests, and skin and follicle type. This process ensures overall health, wellness, and the optimal cosmetic result for their clients.

H2 Laser & Skin proudly offers new High-Speed LightSheer DUET technology for all of their services. LightSheer DUET is a recently developed form of laser removal that features additional mobility in its technology, allowing for more precise blemish targeting and a virtually painless treatment experience. This particular high-speed method, which involves concentrated beams of light, is safe, effective, and FDA-approved.

Individual services, spa packages, and gift certificates are now available! H2 Laser and Skin always recommends making an appointment with a professional before scheduling any cosmetic procedures. For more information on available services, to schedule a free consultation, or to make an appointment, call H2 Laser & Skin at (980) 213-6996.

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