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The independent living apartments and cottages at St. Charles Community in Covington, KY, encourage an active and healthy lifestyle for seniors. When you stroll through the beautiful campus, you’ll see senior living at its finest—with residents hiking and enjoying nature or boarding chartered buses to attend off-campus dinners, movies, live performances, special interest clubs, and religious services.

St. Charles Community provides flexible residential and non-residential options to serve a wide variety of lifestyles. The adult day services at Charlie’s Club give off-campus seniors the opportunity to engage in fun, enriching activities and forge new friendships. The Village is a charming collection of independent living cottages that offers all the amenities of a condo community with the added benefit of being close to the St. Charles Community support staff. The Lodge is great for seniors who want to enjoy independent living in an apartment complex, and The Homestead offers personal attention for residents who require consistent care from nurses and therapists.

The professional staff at St. Charles Community is committed to helping every resident preserve his or her independence and enjoy a high quality of life. From thoughtful living arrangements to the stylish Charles Street Cafe that’s located conveniently on campus, it’s clear that St. Charles Community is more than the average nursing care center. 

To learn more about the amenities and senior services that St. Charles Community provides to its community members, visit them online or call them now at (859) 331-3224 to request more information. 

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