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In a town the size of Anchorage, word travels fast, which is why businesses can’t hide behind empty promises. A Affordable Cleaning By Diane’s Service is the perfect example of a locally owned and operated housekeeping business that earned a reputation for excellent customer service and affordable prices.

In addition to having the lowest prices for residential, industrial, and commercial cleaning services, A Affordable Cleaning By Diane’s Service operates with maximal efficiency, because clients are charged by the job and not the number of hours it takes to complete everything. This combined with their unwavering reliability and dedication has made A Affordable Cleaning By Diane’s Service the go-to company for move-out and move-in cleaning services. This includes everything, from apartment buildings and houses to offices and industrial spaces.

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Many cleaning services charge their clients by the hour, which means the slower they are, the more you pay and the more they make. You might be quoted one price at the beginning and end up paying double if the job takes longer than expected, but that doesn’t happen with flat rate services. 

Anchorage’s most affordable cleaning company, A Affordable Cleaning By Diane’s Service, takes pride in being known as the most reliable and trusted source for the community’s cleaning needs. The staff believes in putting forth the same effort for major apartment cleaning clients as they do for one-off residential cleaning appointments, and their turnaround times are perfect for rentals that have to be cleaned quickly for new tenants.

For efficient and affordable cleaning, you can count on the team at A Affordable Cleaning By Diane’s Service. To schedule a housekeeping appointment today call them at (907) 248-3909, or visit them online for more information. 

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