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Oahu Dental Care is a full-service dental practice based in Hawaii that is equipped with all the necessities to care for your dental needs. Leading services include routine cleanings, fillings and whitening, but also expand to procedures such as root canal therapy, extractions, cosmetic dentistry and much more.

Most importantly, Oahu Dental Care is dedicated to delivering gentle care and nurturing valuable patient relationships. When you walk into these dental care offices, the professional staff team works hard to make sure patients receive exceptional service and have a welcoming, relaxing environment.

Not only is there a focus on professionalism within the staff team and building a lifelong relationship with patients, but Oahu Dental Care also uses the latest dental technology that promises a stunning, healthy smile that is sure to last a lifetime.

Oahu Dental Care also understands that patients should have ample information to feel assured they are making educated decisions about their oral health. If information about this practice is ever needed, visit the Oahu Dental Care website to refer to their patient dental library or call (808) 732-2821 to speak to a representative who is always available to answer your questions. 

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