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The Pet Clinic

1947 S. Beretania Street
Honolulu, HI 96826
The Pet Clinic, Veterinarians, Health and Beauty, Honolulu, Hawaii

The Pet Clinic practices veterinary medicine on the beautiful island of Oahu with a vision to improve the lives of all pets who enter. Based in Honolulu and using all of the latest advances in the field, their skill in medicine is as high as their passion for helping animals.

  • Puppy & Kitten Vaccinations: Believing that good preventative care is paramount for long and healthy lives, The Pet Clinic recommends that all pet owners bring in their furry friends for standard vaccinations.
  • Bird & Small Animal Care: The Pet Clinic is no ordinary animal hospital. In addition to treating cats and dogs, their avian veterinarians offer exceptional bird care, making them the best pet hospital on the island for your bird. They also provide expert care and surgery for guinea pigs, chinchillas, and turtles.
  • Flea & Tick Control: Is your pet biting and scratching? You can get prescription pest control products from The Pet Clinic such as spot treatments and oral medications.
  • Pet Dermatology: Dr. Scott is a member of the American Academy of Veterinary Dermatology. If your pet suffers from a skin condition, he will diagnose and treat the issue with the best possible methods.
  • Professional Pet Care Products: The Pet Clinic sells premium pet foods, toys, and accessories right at the pet hospital. That way, if your vet recommends anything, you can pick it up right after your appointment!

For the best pet care available in Hawaii, call The Pet Clinic for an appointment at (808) 946-5096. Learn more about their services on their website.

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