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Hawaii’s natural environment is ideal for watersports. Whether you are looking to ride the waves of the Pacific ocean, trek through tree-lined rivers, camp along the coastline, or fish the reefs, there is a place for you! And nothing compares to the joys of exploring nature with a kayak or stand-up paddle board.

Go Bananas Watersports in Honolulu and Aiea is your source for kayak and stand-up paddle board sales, rentals, and accessories. Having explored Oahu’s aquatic landscape for over 20 years, the Go Bananas' staff has a deep knowledge of watersports and can advise you on the best equipment, kayaking techniques, and safety measures.

Go Bananas Watersports offers kayaks for sale and rent. New models from popular brands such as Ocean Kayak USA and Malibu Kayaks are available. Kayaking accessories such as life vests, paddles, and knee straps are available as well as roof racks to transport the kayaks all over the island. 

For those who only kayak occasionally, double- and single-person kayak rentals are offered at an affordable rate. The shop has everything from fishing kayaks to surf kayaks, and the rental includes all of the accessories you’ll need to have an amazing trip. If you rent a kayak for at least one week or decide to purchase one of the kayaks for sale, you'll also be eligible for special in-store discounts. In addition to a wide selection of kayaks, Go Bananas Watersports also offers stand-up paddle boards for sale and for rent.

Go Bananas Watersports is the largest dealership in Hawaii and knows stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking inside and out. For example, some models are better for ocean adventures, while others are better for lakes. An expert by your side will ensure that you leave with the best new or used kayak.

Come experience the natural luster of Hawaii’s oceans, rivers, and lakes with an exhilarating watersport adventure. Call Go Bananas Watersports on Oahu at (808) 737-9514 today if you have any questions about kayak rentals, or visit their website to learn more about their rates and store inventory.

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