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Since 1980, David R. Robinson, DMD, has been working with patients to provide the best dental care in the Lewisburg area. Dr. Robinson is experienced I every aspects of health-related and cosmetic dentistry. His emphasis on genuine care for patients makes Dr. Robinson one of the top dentists in the Lewisburg community. Though he specializes in cosmetics, his services include teeth whitening, immediate implants, cracked roots and cracked teeth repairs. The entire team at David R. Robinson is dedicated to patient comfort and prompt attention, as well as recovery time.

Visit the practice’s website today to check out some examples of their work, as well as read valuable information regarding cosmetic dentistry alternatives. The professionals at David R. Robinson believe informed patients are best prepared to make decisions about their health and well-being, which is why they are committed to providing potential patients with as much information and specialized care as possible. Their website offers testimonials, a smile gallery of before and after photos, and an educational video section that features educational dental animations.

To request more information or schedule an appointment, contact the dental professionals at David R. Robinson, DMD by calling (570) 523-3207.

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Did you know? Losing teeth can cause your jawbone to lose density, which changes the shape of your face. Dental implants can prevent this from happening. read more
Sleep apnea can drain the life out of you. Let us help pick up the pieces with one of our treatment options- learn more how we can help you rest easy: https://bit.ly/1Ebc0U5 read more
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The National Cancer Institute outlines the necessity for oral cancer screenings while in good health. If detected early, the cancer may be much easier to treat. https://bit.ly/2ITHuVL read more
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A baby’s teeth start coming in as early as four months, so be sure their first dental visit is within their 18 months to 2 years for a full dental examination. read more
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If caught early on, gum disease can usually be easily managed. Learn about some non-surgical treatments: http://bit.ly/1M5rAom read more
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Dr. Robinson’s grandson, Gabe, assisting his Pop with his cousin Rylie’s sealants!  It’s never too early to practice good dentistry!! read more
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February isn't just about Valentine's— it's also American Heart Month! You may be wondering how heart health is related to your oral health. The same bacteria that can cause period...read more
Thank you for choosing us for your dental care! Don't forget to show your smile some love this Valentine's Day (and every day) by brushing and flossing.read more
February 9th is National Toothache Day. Here are some tips that may offer temporary relief or dull a toothache: 1. Rinse with warm water. 2. Floss to remove food or debris that may b...read more
Happy National Children's Dental Health Month! We'd like to use this month as an opportunity to emphasize the importance of helping children form good dental hygiene habits. If you h...read more
It's that time of year when cold and flu season is at its peak. Here are 5 quick tips for avoiding catching a cold or the flu:* Avoid contact with people who are sick if possible.*...read more
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If you're looking for a way to make brushing more fun for a child (or child-at-heart), you're in luck! This April, a toothbrush that doubles as a video game controller will put a w...read more
As you're planning out the next few months, don't forget that dental benefits renew with the New Year! Call our office today to schedule your next semiannual cleaning.read more
If you're one of the many people taking steps to eat healthier in the New Year, don't be fooled by these "health" foods! Some foods you think are healthy are hiding much more calor...read more
A note to all our patients:  Parking meter fines have increased to $8.00.  Please plan accordingly when feeding your meter!!read more
Many people make resolutions to be healthier in the New Year through diet and exercise. One quick and easy way to be healthier in 2016 is to brush and floss at least twice per day!read more
We hope 2016 brings you plenty of reasons to smile!read more
You may be quick to assume that the cause of your headache is just stress, but headaches can also be caused by temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD). You may have TMJD if: * Your j...read more
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Some of us will probably be eating more sweets than usual this week in celebration of Christmas. If your teeth are sensitive to sweets, we can help! Call our office and schedule a...read more
If you wish that your smile was a little brighter or whiter, or if you would like to make someone's holiday merrier, call us today. Our team will help make you smile!  ALL WH...read more
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There's a new candidate in the race to become the perfect sugar substitute: allulose. While allulose isn't available to consumers yet, we'd like to remind you that when it comes to...read more
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