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For families in Honolulu, Central Oahu, and Maui, Pedodontic Associates Inc. is the best source for excellent pediatric dental care. For over 25 years, Pedodontic Associates has worked with infants, young children, and adolescents, with a special focus on early detection and preventative care. As a result, Pedodontic Associates has received accreditation from ADA, HAD, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Better Business Bureau, as well as the title of “Best Dentists in Hawaii 2011” from Honolulu Magazine.

Children will look forward to a gentle and caring environment during each visit to Pedodontic Associates. From annual cleanings and fluoride treatments to providing advice on best brushing and flossing methods, the dentists of Oahu’s top dentistry practice empower children to take pride in dental hygiene and maintain their healthy smile. The pediatric dentists are an education resource for families throughout Oahu. Pedodontic Associates also provide emergency dental care in all three locations, making it easy for families to get essential care immediately and preserve the health of their child’s smile.

The staff of Pedodontic Associates takes pride in providing the best in care for each young patient that enters their practices. Learn more about Pedodontic Associates by visiting their Honolulu, Central Oahu, and Maui locations, or by calling the pediatric dental staff.

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Dental care begins as soon as your baby is born, well before their first tooth grows in. Breastfeeding has been shown to benefit children’s oral health, but every...read more
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As a parent, it’s important to consider the various foods and beverages that may be harmful to your child’s dental health. Soda, in particular, can contribute to serious issues such ...read more
A strong dental care regimen should start at an early age. In addition to reducing plaque and tartar buildup, daily brushing and flossing help prevent gingivitis. This is a common or...read more
Gummy vitamins are touted as being a fun and tasty way to keep kids healthy. Along with their benefits, gummy vitamins can also have a negative impact on dental care, which is why th...read more
Children and parents alike view losing baby teeth as a symbol of maturity, but what happens when a child loses their teeth earlier or later than expected? The pediatric dentists at&n...read more
If you have a kid with braces, your pediatric dentist or orthodontist has probably warned them to stay away from chewing gum — and they’re probably looking forward to the day when th...read more
Although a pacifier may be beneficial for your child early in life, there comes a time to wean them off of it. If you’re not sure when to start this process, the pediatric dentistry ...read more
Although your pediatric dentist probably only treats human teeth, that doesn’t mean they don’t know a little something about animal teeth as well. At Pedodontic Associates, with loca...read more
Many parents assume that because their child’s baby teeth won’t last forever, taking care of them isn’t important. In fact, any kids dentist will tell you that dental care starts bef...read more
Your children look to you for guidance, even when they’re teenagers, so it's important to discuss elements that affect any part of their life. One crucial topic is smoking — it can h...read more
Of the many nutrients and minerals that promote strong oral health, calcium is one of the most important. As a mineral that supports healthy bones, it is directly connected to keepin...read more
You want your children to enjoy all the benefits of proper dental care, from bright teeth to healthy gums. That’s why it’s important to ensure they have everything they need for...read more
Every parent wants their child to grow up with a beautiful smile, which is why establishing excellent dental care habits early is so important. Unfortunately, many parents don’t real...read more
Pacifiers are great options for providing comfort to your little one, but at a certain age, they’ll need to be weaned. In fact, allowing a baby to use a pacifier for too long can lea...read more
An excellent pediatric dentist doesn’t merely examine the surface of a child’s teeth. They also take a close look at the pulp, the inner section that’s composed of nerves and ti...read more
Pediatric dentistry experts stress the importance of teaching children to brush their teeth correctly at an early age so they develop healthy habits for a lifetime. However, you migh...read more
When your child has crooked, gapped, or uneven teeth, you might be searching for a way to even out their smile. Fortunately, there are dental care treatment options, and braces are o...read more
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