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At OBGYN Associates, Inc. in Fairfield and West Chester, Ohio, they stand by one simple, yet meaningful philosophy: enhance women’s health. Since opening in 1940, their team of healthcare professionals has focused on providing high-quality, comprehensive women’s health care for every patient. They strive to offer lifetime care in an effort to help sustain excellent health through every stage of a woman’s life. This commitment, coupled with cutting-edge care and facilities, has established OBGYN Associates, Inc. as one of the leading women's health centers in Ohio.

OBGYN Associates, Inc. believes the best health care for women is responsive, sensitive, and comes without judgment. The health care professionals at each of their clinics act as partners in health to each patient. From adolescence to adulthood, from the start of sexual activity to motherhood and menopause, they are experienced in guiding women through healthy development. 

The OBGYN clinic's services include:

  • Obstetrics: At OBGYN Associates, Inc., a healthy pregnancy begins before conception. With comprehensive obstetrics care, their team considers it a privilege to help you with every stage of motherhood from conception to birth and beyond.
  • Gynecology: As a comprehensive OBGYN practice, they offer a wide range of services and procedures from annual exams to pap smears, cancer screening, and contraception.
  • Ultrasounds: OBGYN Associates, Inc.’ clinic is proud to be accredited by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine. Their ultrasound department boasts state-of-the-art equipment and a fully licensed staff to provide accurate and high-quality diagnostic ultrasounds for all patients.

If you live in the Fairfield or West Chester, Ohio, area and you’re looking for a top-notch women’s health center that offers a variety of comprehensive OBGYN services, including contraception, bone density testing, and genetic testing, call OBGYN Associates, Inc. today at (513) 221-3800 to schedule your first appointment at the either one of their convenient locations. For more information on their commitment to providing compassionate lifetime care for all patients, be sure to visit their website

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