Tribeca, New York

Capsouto Frères

A Warm and Classy, Family-Established French Bistro

Capsouto Frères

451 Washington Street
New York, NY 10013
(212) 966-4900
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In 1980, Capsouto Frères was created by three brothers – Jacques, Samuel and Albert – as a warm and classy neighborhood bistro in TriBeCa. After 30 years, it continues to find its way into the heart of New Yorkers and visitors from all over the world.

Capsouto Frères is a classic French bistro housed in a former spice warehouse near the Hudson River and referred to as the “soufflé sanctuary.” While the menu is an alluring blend of traditional French and contemporary fare, it is the soufflés, both sweet and savory, that garner the most attention. For more than twenty-seven years, Jacques Capsouto has been making, which he very proudly states, the best soufflés you will probably ever eat.

Made to order, Capsouto Frères' soufflé come in three sweet flavors – chocolate, raspberry and hazelnut – all year long, with one additional seasonal offering. Tangerine is the current flavor du jour, but some in the past have been apricot, Meyer lemon, orange, quince and fig. Served tableside, the waiter ceremoniously pierces a hole in the billowing top, pours in a complementary sauce, and tops with a dollop of whipped cream.

The large restaurant is perfect for groups or parties and the outdoor seating is beautiful during warmer temperatures. Capsouto Frères has extensive brunch, lunch and dinner menus as well as an impressive wine list. You can make a reservation online. Walk-ins welcome.

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