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3 Factors That Can Cause Glaucoma, Spencer, West Virginia
Glaucoma is characterized by a buildup of pressure in the eye. This occurs when it fails to balance the amount of inner eye fluid produced against the amount that drains away. When too much intraocular pressure — or IOP — more
What Your Optometrist Wants You to Know About Diabetic Eye Disease, Spencer, West Virginia
Eye exams often lead to a prescription for glasses or contact lenses, but in some cases, your optometrist is the first to diagnose a more serious condition like diabetic eye disease. Dr. Brett K. Radow is committed to educating his more
Roane, WV
Dr. Brett K. Radow, Eye Exams, Eye Doctors, Optometrists, Spencer, West Virginia
149 Main St
Spencer, WV 25276
(304) 927-5112
Dr. Brett K. Radow is Spencer, WV’s trusted, caring, and homegrown optometrist. The eye doctor and his staff provide comprehensive examinations and treatment for a variety of eye conditions, including everyday vision issues lik...
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Optometrist Explains Floaters & What to Do When You Notice Them, Spencer, West Virginia
Floaters are clusters of cells or proteins in a gel-like substance in your eye. Sometimes, they cast shadows, which appear as floating specks in your vision. Although they’re more
5 Reasons Your Child Should See Their Eye Doctor Before School Starts, Spencer, West Virginia
You want your kids to have the best school year they can, and having good eyesight plays a huge role in learning. That’s why you should schedule an exam with their eye doctor before more
What's the Difference Between Farsighted & Nearsighted?, Spencer, West Virginia
Farsighted and nearsighted are both terms used to describe two different types of refractive eye conditions, or vision problems that limit the way the retina receives light. When more
3 Common Questions People Ask Their Eye Doctor, Spencer, West Virginia
Having healthy eyesight is important for a variety of reasons, and it’s essential to see an eye doctor you like and trust for vision care. You should feel comfortable telling them more
From the Optometrist: 5 Critical Steps to Take if a Chemical Gets in Your Eye, Spencer, West Virginia
Your eyes are one of the most sensitive organs, and because they are exposed to the outside world, you must do everything you can to take good care of them. There are many potential more
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