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Why Squirrel Removal Is Vital to Protecting Your Home, Caddo Mills, Texas
Squirrels may look cute and furry in your backyard, but, once in your home, they can become a serious safety hazard. If you hear something scratching in your attic or walls, chances are you need a squirrel removal expert. Dallas, more
What You Need to Know About Skunk Removal , Caddo Mills, Texas
A skunk’s spray instills terror and disgust into many. Fortunately, with a little education and some expert resources, you can avoid an unpleasant altercation with one of these striped critters roaming your neighborhood. The friendly more
Hunt, TX
Critter Git'r, Animal Removal, Animal Preserve, Animal Control, Caddo Mills, Texas
If you’re struggling with pest control, you can count on the experts at Dallas, TX-based Critter Git'r to remove animals such as skunks, squirrels, raccoons, and other unwanted guests for good. While other area services might offer a tem...
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Wildlife Alert: 5 Reasons to Call a Raccoon Removal Company, Caddo Mills, Texas
With their little black masks and striped tails, raccoons may seem cute and friendly. However, the animal could have rabies and other diseases harmful to humans. Critter Git’r in more
Skunk Removal 101: 5 Steps to Take When a Skunk Enters Your Home, Caddo Mills, Texas
While most homeowners hope for a pest-free home, it’s not impossible to find a skunk in your house. While it’s plausible, skunk removal isn’t an ordinary task, so it’s more
5 Rodent Control Tips For the Winter Months, Caddo Mills, Texas
The last thing you need in the winter months is a mice infestation in your home. Take the proper precautions to prevent mice from getting into your home, and know the signs if they more
What to Expect During an Animal Removal Visit, Caddo Mills, Texas
When rodents and other pests make a nest in your home, it is more than a simple annoyance. Wildlife can cause serious damage to your dwelling, and many species are known to spread more
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